Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Iveta Palubinskaite

Role: SMB EMEA Marketing Executive

Department: Bing Ads

Location: Cardinal Place, Victoria (London)


I’m Iveta and I’m Lithuanian. I attend the University of Westminster in London and I study International Business with Spanish.

I don’t think I need to explain much why I chose to apply and work for Microsoft, but there is one major reason that stands out. Microsoft was the only company to believe in me. In my second year I spent a lot of time whilst applying for work experience. Many of the companies that I applied for had really complicated applications and they weren’t as straightforward as Microsoft. When I applied for Microsoft it seemed really easy and I could be myself. For a marketing role, I had to write few paragraphs about myself and answer some questions. At the time I would have never believed that I would even get a reply from Microsoft, so I was pouring out my heart without any clichés that we normally use in applications. I don’t know what, but they saw something that they liked in me. During the whole application process, I was being myself and just having the time of my life whilst attending Microsoft Assessment Centre. And they believed that the company needs me and my skills.

Application advice:

Microsoft online application process was the one that I probably enjoyed the most. I would advise to just BE YOURSELF. They love creativity and motivation. Whether you will have to write paragraphs or do tests, be yourself. I am sure, if you are applying, you are motivated to get the role. Make sure you show it! 
Dress up for the video interview! The questions aren’t complicated, but I think what stands out is the way you present yourself and how you can deal with pressure. You will only have a short time to think about an answer, but if you don’t show that you are stressed too much about not getting enough time, I am sure you will pass. Presentation is the key! 
My skype interview felt as if I was chatting to a friend who I haven’t seen in a while! They are all so friendly and they will try to make it easy for you to show what you have. Mine lasted around half an hour, but it felt as only 10 minutes. My interviewer was really lovely. My advice is to present yourself in a professional way and research about the company beforehand. I did get questions about the company where my research had to be shown.

Make the best of your day at the assessment centre!

Do dress up and make sure you arrive on time. I think the best thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy the day at Microsoft office. If you got so far, that means you are worth it. Show them that you can be part of the team and you are reaching out for more than what you have. Growth mind is something we all love at Microsoft! Be prepared with your activity whatever they will ask to prepare and make sure your research rocks! Just remember that they are all human and even if you do make mistakes, Microsoft loves those who can quickly recover after making a mistake 

Most challenging part for me were the interviews.

I didn’t get the offer straight after the assessment centre and there were another 4 or 5 skype interviews that followed afterwards. I found it challenging to research every time about different roles in such a short time. Positive note is that they all understand you and they are looking for someone who is willing to be flexible and work hard! So don’t stress too much about knowing everything, because there will always be someone else who will know more.

My role

I work in marketing department with Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) in Bing Ads. We work with agencies and try to acquire new businesses to work with us. My day to day is never the same. There is never a routine and we don’t work on the same project all the time. I love my role, because I work with such an amazing team and I get the opportunity to learn so much. When I came to Microsoft, I didn’t know a lot about working in marketing, but the willingness of everyone to repeat you the same thing three times or even more until you understand it, will help you learn so much that you will leave knowing much more than you did when you came.
My experience so far has been nothing else but a dream. I am surprised of how much the company cares about their employees and listens to what you have to say. There is so much space to grow that first it feels confusing, because if you are like me, you will want to learn it all!

Top tip to make the most of your internship:

Stay open-minded and be ready for changes!

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