Intern Role Profile - Operations: Adoption & Change Management

Name: Razvan Calcan

Which university/course: Loughborough University, International Business

Job Title: Adoption & Change Management Consultant

Brief description of your job:
My job is to lead our customers through their digital transformation process. I focus on the people side of change and I empower them to use all the benefits of the new technology to enable new ways of working: being more productive, collaborative, remote, and with better communication.

Where are you based: Reading, but a big proportion of my time is spent on customers’ sites.

Job on a day to day basis:
In my role, there is no such thing as routine – which is why I really enjoy my job. I get to work with customers from various industries that have different challenges, needs and business objectives. Also, our customer engagements involve organisations as a whole, therefore we have to adapt to all levels of employees. To achieve successful change, we need to take our customers from their current state, and transition them to a future state, where they use the new ways of working to achieve their business objectives. Organisations’ future state represents a collection of many individual future states, thus we focus on both perspectives. For managing individual change, we start raising awareness about the need for change, then we create the desire, we provide the knowledge and ability, and in the end, we reinforce good practices. For the organisational change process, we start preparing the transformation, developing a customised and scaled approach. Then, we manage the change, creating and implementing plans that will move the organisation and individuals through change. Lastly, we reinforce the change, ensuring that it is adopted and sustained effectively. Seeing the customers successfully transitioning to a prosper future state gives me an intrinsic feeling of achievement and empowerment.

What is the highlight of your role:
Being the first student ever to complete the Prosci Change Management Certification, thus becoming an accredited Change Management Practitioner. During a three-day experiential learning program in Amsterdam, I gained the skills, knowledge and tools to drive successful change initiatives. This experience opened my passion for change management and helped me improve my job performance.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft:
I would say the working culture. The work-life balance is important here, thus people can be relaxed and have time to invest in their hobbies and passions. Everybody is eager to help and to network with me, most of the times in exchange for a coffee. I can always ask my manager, my colleagues and my mentors for advice about my career, thus I maintain a steep learning curve and I improve my job performance regularly.

Taking a selfie with my team on our way to a customer

How was the transition from university life to working life:
Man, this was tough. I have never been a morning person, and having to wake up early every day was a real challenge. However, I managed to apply the wisdom acquired through my job title and make a successful change in my lifestyle. It was very important to understand the benefits of having an organised schedule, and now I can say that there is plenty of time within 24 hours. I am looking forward to going back to university and not fearing a 9am lecture.

How was the application process for you:
Oh, I loved it! The first steps were pretty standard, but the Skype interview and the Assessment Centre were great. I remember being nervous on my way to the assessment centre, but once I entered the Microsoft offices in Reading and I saw everyone smiling around me, I realised it will be a memorable experience. And so it was! All the other candidates were really nice (me and those who passed then are still good friends), the assessors were friendly and we were told in advance what we will be doing and what is expected from us. I enjoyed all those 8 hours of interviews, group exercises, delivering presentations and networking with various people.

A top tip for being successful during the application process:
Be yourself! Yes, you, the one with hopes and dreams, with passions and desires. Be curious, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t panic if you don’t have the answer. Microsoft is the place which allows you to develop to your full potential, so be genuine and make sure you enjoy every moment during the application process.

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