Intern Role Profile - Program Manager

Dan Edwards

Role : Program Manager

Department : Bing

Location : London


Hey there, Im Dan and I currently work @ Bing London as a Program Manager

My Background

Originally from Cardiff I went to my local schools until University where I tried to move away to Stafford, that didnt work out so I came back to Cardiff to do my degree in Software Engineering. Tech is what I want to work in but im passionate about Music. I play guitar to a proficiant standard and I own several guitars. The most recent purchase is a Matt Bellamy (from Muse) inspired Manson Guitar which was hand built. Oh yeah, my neighbours arent too keen on this...

My Role

My day to day role here is Rhythm of Buisness (not a music joke sadly) which means I help keep the team moving through the projects. We are a team of about 20 which includes Project Managers and Search Analysts. We're not all based in London though. We operate in 12 different markets that include Australia, Brazil, Germany, France and much more. I had to get to grips with Time Zones quickly. I also help generate the content for our big meetings that we have once a month. This might sound like a bore but I got to redesign and reimplement the entire process of how we get our data then how we turn it into the graphics we use for the meetings. This also gets seen quite high up in the company which is a plus.

We also work on the experiences you may see on Bing.

I had the chance to work on the Rugby World Cup experience we launched. I was on the team that came up with the ideas and how we could predict the winner of each game. Don't quote me but we got about 90% correct. Not too bad if I do say so myself. It also got some publicity too which was awesome.

I also work on the Be Your Future team as one of the techies. We helped create the new swanky wesbite you're now on. This is also awesome as we get to create some great content and the team are great. Our offsite at RARE was great fun and we love what we do.

My top tips:

If you’re considering to spend your year at Microsoft, here are some top tips on how to get in and how to make the most of your time here if successful:

Be Keen: You may be asked to prepare something for the interview. Put some effort into this as you will be marked on this task if they chose to do it. Dont be that one person who misses out on the job for bringing in a shoe as part of a show and tell.

Be Yourself: This is pretty standard across all the advice your going to get here. Microsoft want to see what kind of person you are, if you put up a front at the interview and you do start working here and drop that front, the company will catch on pretty quickly and you'll regret not just being you.

Be Open To Change: If you are successful in getting a job here (which I hope you are), you will have to be open to change as your department can move around slightly. I was based in Victoria but now Im in Skype Holborn. Your role might also change slightly too across the year, this is to be expected but just enjoy it. It really is awesome!!

Good Luck and I'm sure you'll do well!! 

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