Intern Role Profile - Resources Co-ordinator

Name: Margarida Lima

Which university/course: University of Kent, Business and Management with year in Industry

Job Title: Resources Co-ordinator

Brief description of your job: I work in the Microsoft Consultant Services department and I help to co-ordinate our employees into the right projects at the right time so that they can deliver the best experience for our customers.

Top tip for being successful during the application process:
Flashback a year, I got frustrated every time I read that I should be myself and let my personality shine. I thought it was a trick and everyone was in on this secret except me, now I know better. In Microsoft, they want you to come as you are and do what you love, the way you present yourself and your enthusiasm towards Microsoft and the technology industry is very important. Why do you want to work for them? What drives you? If it is genuine they will see it and appreciate it.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?
Personally, the most surprising thing about working at Microsoft would be the great atmosphere. You can read about it all the time, however experiencing it, is totally different. From day one, you feel like you are a part of the team. People are very supportive of us, early in careers, and are always willing to help you with anything and to answer any questions you may have. Overall, it’s a great company to work for.

What has been your highlight at Microsoft?
As an international intern, I had been missing my family a lot, I wanted to tell them about my experiences at Microsoft in person and not just via Skype. Turns out that I could work from the Microsoft office in my country. I was delighted and booked the tickets that week! The time I spent there was amazing! Microsoft’s positive team environment is everywhere and people were very supportive of me being there. I got to see first-hand how operations run in another country and how they deal with their clients. I was given a tour of the place and the view was very beautiful. To work from my country and get to meet new people and expand my network has been my highlight so far.

Your experience of the application process?
My application process was the standard: answer an online form, video interview, skype interview and assessment centre. I was very nervous throughout the whole thing; I could hardly believe every time I got through a stage. I must have read a hundred websites filled with the do’s and don’ts. I also visited my universities career advisers all the time. Looking back, the whole process did not take that long, however living it felt quite stressful hence why I think applicants should get as much help as possible.

What is a challenge you face at Microsoft?
Since I started working life as a full-time employee, there have been many challenges but to me they become part of the journey and a way to grow and learn. One of the challenges, was getting used to going to work every day for 8 hours as well as having responsibilities that do have an impact. At first, it can be intimidating but now I appreciate it more as it allowed me to develop so many more skills.

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