Intern Role Profile - Sales Specialist

Name: Ross Testa

Which university/course: Business Management at Nottingham Trent University

Job Title: Business Sales: Digital Workplace Sales Specialist

Where are you based? Reading and London.

Brief description of your job:
Working with Microsoft’s biggest commercial customers to drive digital transformation in their workplace.

What is the highlight of your role:
Supporting Microsoft’s biggest commercial customers improve their productivity in the workplace by using Microsoft technology. A variety of customers I work with daily include: BT, HSBC and Specsavers.

What has surprised you the most about working at Microsoft?

The Microsoft culture and community of people is the opposite to what I initially thought. There is always someone who is willing to help you if you have any questions or queries. People are interested in you succeeding during your intern year.

There is a high level of responsibility given to you as an intern at Microsoft UK. You deal with real customers who need your support. I’m surprised how early on you can have an impact as an intern at Microsoft UK.

Me with all of my housemates on our first day at work at Microsoft's Headquarters in Reading.

A top tip for being successful during the application process:

• Research – Research the ethos of Microsoft and what aspects of that you believe you associate with.

• Experience – Relate any positive work experience you have towards the job you are applying for. This is useful to show why you deserve the job and ensure you stand out from everyone else.

• Be YOU – Don’t sell yourself as someone who you ‘think’ Microsoft would want. Be yourself and that will shine through during the application process.

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