Intern Role Profile - Marketing

Charlotte Rowles

Role Trade Marketing

Department: UK Strategic Sales Search
Location: Cardinal Place, London

I’m currently studying European Business at the University of Portsmouth. The internship program is one of a kind and I saw so many more opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level at Microsoft than any other internship program. I’m not a techy person in the slightest but you don’t have to be to fit in here, there are so many different roles you can go into and so many projects you can get involved in.

Application Process for your role

The application process has quite a few different stages including an online application, tests assessing what you would do in different situations, video and skype interviews, where they look at what makes you “you” and your knowledge of Microsoft. Finally onto the assessment day full of tasks and team working projects. The most challenging part of the application process was the video interview. There was plenty of time to answer the questions but it’s strange to be talking to a computer screen in an interview situation. I would say my top tip is to just be yourself. I remember reading that on someone’s BYF post last year and thinking that didn’t help in the slightest but looking back now that’s exactly what they are looking for, they can tell when you are trying to be something you’re not. And have knowledge on Microsoft, so do your research!

Your Role

My role is Trade Marketing and I work in the UK Strategic Search Sales team, who deal with BingAds clients and managing their accounts. My role is more on the creative side within the team, I create weekly newsletters which go out to the team, carry out the logistics for client meetings and events and will be working with the marketing department to create a public profile for our brand new team.

Your experience of the company so far

Microsoft has such a unique culture for such an enormous company. Everyone is passionate about making a difference in the industry and the products, for example when the Surface Book came out it was the talk of the office!

Your #1 Top Tip for making the most of your internship

Make sure your voice is heard because chances are you have a unique idea or suggestion which could really help the team and people are always open to new ideas. That way you will be thought of and brought onto future projects.

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