Intern Role Profile - Business Services

Name: Becky Ferraro

Role: User Experience and Visual Design

Department: Services

Location: TVP, Reading

My Background

Hey everyone, my name is Becky! I study Product design and technology at Loughborough University and am currently doing my placement year here at Microsoft. Technology has always interested me as I think the innovation and possibilities it offers are very exciting. As such a huge company with so much scope, Microsoft offers the chance to see where technology is going which is one of the reasons I applied. Alongside this, the culture within the office and the variety of opportunities available is what swayed me to this particular placement.

The Application Process

I think the most challenging part of the application process for me was the pre-recorded video interview. It should be noted that at this stage in the process it isn’t role specific (I thought it would be) It’s a bit of an alien concept as you’re not really interacting with anyone on the other side but just take a breath and use the time given to think about your answer… and remember to look at the camera not yourself! After the skype interview is when it becomes more specific to the role. You will most likely be asked to send in a portfolio of your work before being invited to an assessment centre. This was very relaxed and everyone was really welcoming. It doesn’t feel like a competitive environment, more of a chat. Just remember to be friendly and be yourself.

My Role in Services

The user experience design role can vary greatly depending on what work is around and what projects have availability. Within the UX role you can act as a designer and consultant. Typically, this means that you will be looking at what the customer wants and translating that into a finished product focusing on the experience and journey the user will take as well as the visual element. As an example, I have worked on designing and front end coding an app, created visuals and wireframes for both apps and web, I have also done some video editing and bug fixing. On a day to day basis you will largely be working at your station on work etc. Occasionally you will have meetings in which you will pitch or present an idea, or you could have meetings with customers/project leads about what they want from the project.

My experience so far

So far my experience has been awesome. The people who work here are all very supportive and friendly. The working environment itself can be quite busy but they strive to make it a relaxed environment. You get a lot of ownership over your work, very rarely will you have someone looking over your shoulder telling you what to do. The culture here is all about reaching out to people and using the skills everybody has to your advantage. There is always someone very willing to help you and if they can’t they will point you in the direction of someone who can. There is a tonne of opportunities around and I’ve received so much support in tailoring the year so that I can get out of it what I want, there isn’t anything I could think of that could top the intern scheme that Microsoft run!

My Top Tip

There are many tips I could give here but I would say use the intern scheme and people around you. There’s approximately 100 interns overall and 60 in the TVP office with varied skills and connections, use these to your advantage. Having so many interns around you really gives you that support network, it also means it doesn’t stray too far from university in regards to social life. Make the most out of all the opportunities that will be around you, work hard but don’t forget to have fun too! (this is something Microsoft really pushes).

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