Intern Role Profile – Xbox + Microsoft Band

Jack White

Role: EMEA Integrated Marcoms Co-ordinator(IMC) / EMEA Partnerships and Events Manager

Department: Xbox/Microsoft Band

Location: London/Reading

“Hello… Is it me you’re looking for?”

Bonjour, Salut, Ola, Hello!

I’m Jack, I’m 22 years old and I’m a very lucky gent… I’m the Project Lead for the BeYourFuture Blog team, and I work across two product teams doing two separate core roles. How it came about is an interesting story… If you’ve got 5 mins, I’d love to share it with you…

My Background

I come from the Isle of Man. When I say come from, I’m actually English-born (From a small place in the North West of England called Lymm) but I moved to the Isle of Man at the ripe old age of 2 to experience the wonders of the “Gem of God’s Earth” with my family. I’m the youngest of 4, one of whom is my twin sister! – She edges me in age by 1minute…

Before Microsoft, I studied Marketing Management at Lancaster University where I was also College Social Secretary, College A football team’s midfield maestro and a university rower.

My (Core) Roles

I worked as part of the fantastic Windows and Devices group, in the Xbox EMEA team and the Microsoft Band UK team and more recently I am now part of the Global Optimization Team. Previously, my responsibilities lay across our 28 EMEA markets for Xbox, and for the UK for Microsoft Band. Now however, my Xbox duties stretch across Microsoft’s top global markets also, which is super cool.

Now before I explain more about my roles, I did elude that there was a pretty cool story as to how I landed them! So without further adieu, I’ll tell you…

When I joined Microsoft, I was part of the Advertising and Online team, working across Xbox and Skype. My role was very different to what it is now, and I had a completely different manager and team. On my first day however, I came into the office to be told that my department had just been sold, and my role was now non-existent… Right. With the formidable HR team at my side, my CV was re-circulated around the business, and I was snapped up by team Xbox. As it turned out, this was to be one of the best things to ever happen to me.

This can sound daunting, but when joining any organization of this size it’s important to be able to be flexible and willing to adjust to other areas of the business. As with anything you’ll get out what you put in, and I was greeted with fantastic support from the wider business and welcomed into a new team instantly.

So, my roles.

For Xbox – I work across Partnerships and Events and as an IMC.

For partnerships, this means that for EMEA’s 28 region where Xbox is strongest, we work to establish strong partnerships with other well-known brands, and produce innovative and exciting co-marketing campaigns.

My first project was with the well-known electronics brand Philips. I headed up the campaign which went out to markets EMEA-wide – producing the below Live-event! We took a professional gaming team from the U.S to take on the best that EMEA had to offer in a live streamed event. Definitely worth a watch!

For events, I work to roll out fantastic consumer events to Xbox’s fans.

Showcasing our awesome hardware, and the greatest games lineup in Xbox history. I co-ordinate all things logistics for these events, and this year I’ve played a key role in organizing over 65 events across EMEA. The highlight of the year was leading on hardware and software logistics for the Halo 5 Launch event, with 22 separate events across Europe over one weekend.

I’m proud to say this now holds the Guinness World Record for the most tuned into, Live streamed launch event in history!

For Xbox and also Microsoft Band, I work as an IMC (Integrated Marcoms Co-ordinator).

This means that for various marketing campaigns, whether that be for a European launch campaign for a brand new game, or for Microsoft Band’s launch in the UK, I work with our multiple communication channels to ensure we have a successful set of communications across them all. So for example, we may have a campaign which involves social media advertising, advertising in our fan-base emails, on our page and on the Xbox dash. It’s up to me and the other 2 IMC’s to ensure that all of these channels know what assets (images/videos etc.) are coming for them to broadcast, when to broadcast them and for how long. It also means I get to be a part of the creative process of coming up with these campaigns and planning how we implement them. Our most recent and notable achievement was with the launch of Return of the Tomb Raider. We worked with our agencies, and channels to create the Survival Billboard experiential marketing campaign which was based in London.

We recently won a Webby Award for this, which in the marketing world is something to be very proud of!

My (other) Role

Of course, how could I not mention my role as Project Lead of this brilliant blog you’re currently on!

I lead a team of 10 other interns in the day-to-day running of the blog and our Twitter and Facebook channels. Our main aim is to drive applications to the UK Apprenticeship/Internship/Graduate schemes at Microsoft. We literally have full control over what goes on the blog and our channels, when they go up and we create our own assets/videos/campaigns. We even built the site!

We brought a new aim in this year also, to produce the most #INFOTAINING blog ever! (Our own little motto)… We now have expanded the blog to be viewed in over 115 countries worldwide, we work with interns all over Europe to bring in contributions to our International Insights section and we work tirelessly to bring you entertaining and informative content for anyone looking to join Microsoft early on in their career.

We’ve recently been shortlisted for a number of nationally recognized awards, up against strong competition from companies who have full-time marketing agencies running their own pages. So to be features in this field has been a complete honor, and a real show of how much work we’ve done together this year!

Of course, it’s easy to do well at something you love… And being able to lead this team has been the absolute best experience of my time at Microsoft. I have the best team I could ever wish for, and if you’re thinking of coming to Microsoft for an internship, or are already on your way here, be sure to look out for the chance to join the BYF blog team as part of your stretch projects.

My top tips:

  • Be flexible. Nobody likes change, but nobody can stop it from happening… be ready to adjust to new teams/roles/responsibilities and embrace it. You never know what it could be bringing you!
  • Be positive. Nothing is impossible, I’m a strong believer in that and when you’re thrown into new and important roles it’s easy to underestimate yourself. Aim for the stars and don’t stop till you’re sat on one!
  • Be honest. This year is primarily about you, you’re here to learn and you’re here to grow. Speak often with your manager, your peers and your HR team and explore all that there is to do here at Microsoft. It’s an amazing experience.

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