Intern to Graduate - Marketing

Kelly Walker

University and Course: Univesity of Liverpool – Business Studies
Role: Marketing; Rotational.

Hi! My name is Kelly and I studied Business Studies with a Year in Industry at the University of Liverpool. I have just started my Marketing graduate scheme, based in the Central Marketing Organisation, where I will be rotating around different areas including events, social media and digital. If my first few weeks are anything to go by, it will be an exciting few years.

My Microsoft journey started as a trade marketing intern for Xbox Advertising. This was a great introduction to marketing at Microsoft in a very specialised role and based in the London office. The great thing about my graduate role (now based in Reading), is that I get visibility into the entire UK business, as my department works with many different areas on their marketing initiatives. For example, the event I’m currently working on seems to involve every Microsoft business group in some form!

Kelly Walker Another great thing about being a Microsoft graduateis the community. It’s very easy to find people with similar interests and everyone makes an effort to socialise. Whilst this is obviously great for free time it also helps you to perform better in role as you have an easily accessible network to share information with.

The key thing that made me want to continue my career at Microsoft post-placement was the culture. The company culture really encourages you to be curious and to be the best you can be without compromising your unique characteristics. In addition, grads have great exposure within the business which helps you to make the most of the culture.

My advice to anyone applying is to most importantly be passionate. The one thing I’ve observed all Microsoft employees to have in common is a passion for the company, for technology, for bringing new ideas to market etc. It goes without saying but research the company! But don’t just memorise facts, ensure you have a unique insight both into Microsoft as a whole and your chosen discipline, and be able to pull and analyse key trends from this. And finally, show you’re driven and you do genuinely want to make an impact on the business.

Good luck to everyone applying and hopefully see you next year!

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