Internal Surface Book Launch – By yours truly… the Love It Team!

Happy Friday you lovely readers!

A couple of months ago our friends from the Love it team had an internal launch event for one of hottest products currently on the market, the Microsoft's Surface Book.

It was an amazing event and the team took the time to write their experience as like you were there. Enjoy!


The internal launch of the one and only Surface Book - an ultimate laptop by Microsoft that combines the versatility of a tablet and an ultimate performance of a high-end laptop. Fully organised and executed by the Love It Team and kindly supported by the great Evangelist, the Surface Category and the Internal Communications teams.


7th of March 2016, at TVP in our brand-new and most exciting CCG Experience Area.

How did it all work?

Once the mighty Surface Book finally launched in the UK, the Love It Team realised that it would be a true crime to miss such a celebration (Microsoft’s first ever laptop). We wanted to organise an event that would allow Microsoft employees to experience the laptop in real life, and access it from different angles – from its versatility and style, to its huge performance capabilities. We decided to replicate the ‘exclusive’ external launches with 5 different “Experience Areas”, including: a) DJ experience on the BitWig app, b) Movie making experience with a green background and an Adobe FS, c) Gaming experience on Windows 10, d) and many more with the help of our amazing Evangelists.

How it all came to life?

It couldn’t have worked if Love It Team did not collaborate extensively on this one. In addition, the team actually reached a new level of collaboration during the preparations and event execution. Our Events Manager (Katie) did most of the logistics of the event, while myself (Communications Manager) created a comprehensive multichannel comms plan. Our Team Lead (Lene) was overseeing the whole process and ensured we did not miss anything. We were constantly brainstorming and throwing new ideas on the table, then went ahead and planned our parts, then came back to the team for feedback, and then all the cycle all over again until we found what we were looking for. Constant feedback from the Internal Comms and the Surface Category teams was also an important aspect of delivering the most fun and best possible experience for the attendees. Thanks to our great interns and apprentices’ community, we managed to find some volunteers, who helped us to deliver all the fun to the audience.

How did it go?

Well, pretty amazing, given that we managed to attract almost twice as much people than we initially planned! Everyone enjoyed the day and wished it were longer than the planned tiny 3 hours. The event allowed most attendees to actually have their very own first hands-on experience with the device in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with no formality of a launch event or selling power of shop consultants – exactly what we wanted to achieve. We also had a prize draw on the day, which yielded two lucky winners walking away with some unique goodie bags! Overall, everyone enjoyed the cupcakes, champagne and all the enormous capabilities wrapped in the elegant and functional case of the Surface Book.

The team also made a cool video to summarise the event.

And all that above is our usual Love It experience here at Microsoft UK! Who knows, maybe YOU can become a part of the Love It Team too, and have all the same fun here during your placement year…

Learn It, Live It, Love It!

Andrey Tyurin on behalf of The Love It Team.

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