Interns, Apprentices and Graduates at Future Decoded

In November Microsoft hosted Future Decodedat the Excel inLondon, bringing together some of the world’s most influential speakers to share their visions of the future of business, education and society.

Many “Microsoftites” supported the effort and the Graduate, Intern and Apprentice communities were no exception; demoing Microsoft devices, supporting Start Ups at the Future Decoded Expo, and being involved behind the scenes. We wanted to highlight some of the cool things we had the opportunity to be part of.


Kelly, Graduate: “As a graduate I was given the chance to co-lead the Microsoft device bars at the event, managing a team of 30 demo staff across 3 days. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain new leadership skills and it was also great to see an event go from plan to execution so early on in my job role. As a member of the events team, I was involved in the pre-event planning and learned so much about the different marketing disciplines an event of this size requires. Moreover, being able to see One Microsoft in action was amazing – I definitely felt part of something bigger than myself.”


Abby, Intern: “My job role meant I was involved in helping run the employee company conference, there was a lot of running around backstage but it also meant I had access to the green room where Sir Bob Geldof and Jeremy Paxman among others were. Being able to interact with talent like that was incredible and the day itself taught me valuable skills around logistics and event management of a large scale event. I had the best day of my internship so far and have since gained more responsibility and exposure within my department.”

Megan, Apprentice: “My role was to demo Surface Pro 3’s to our employees, customers and partners – having been in the company just over a month I was completely clueless but with the help of others, such as tips from interns, I was able to finish Future Decoded with a real sense of achievement. Future Decoded allowed me to not only network with people around the business but also gave me the opportunity to impress them, the feedback I got from the day was great to show my manager and allowed me to gain a real sense of achievement. Future Decoded was a huge success for me and my role as an apprentice.”


Danoush, Intern: “My role at Future Decoded was to organise the Microsoft Ventures Startup Alley. We invited 8 startups from around the world that Microsoft have helped and supported through our accelerators. It was a really worthwhile event and the startups had some great exposure, including going on the main stage between the keynotes and presenting in front of 3,000 people!”

At Microsoft, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with stretch projects outside your job role such as industry events. This allows you to develop skills in new areas and work with different parts of the organisation – something we all got to experience at Future Decoded!


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