Interns Volunteering at the BETT Show 2017

The BETT Show 2017

The largest event that the Microsoft Education team puts on all year round is the BETT show. The largest education trade show in the world saw over 34,000 attendees, as well as the largest number of higher education leaders to date. Hosted over 4 days in London, education leaders came from all over to see the latest and greatest technologies currently available in the classroom, and this year was the best year yet!

Not only do our interns get to play key roles in managing stakeholders, and supporting the logistics of such a huge scale event; but they also get to be there on the day talking to customers and gathering leads for the business – an experience like no other!

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Kedar Gayle – Microsoft Showcase Classroom
The BETT Show has been the biggest highlights of my year! On the day, it was my job to manage the Showcase Classroom stand. We had 5 expert presenters who were allocated re-occurring 20 minute sessions in our classroom setting. I was responsible for ensuring that all sessions ran smoothly and that there was high energy and attendance throughout the day. Over the 4 days we saw an attendance of over 2200 people! It was really inspiring to see how the teams combined efforts had such an impact. Throughout the 4 days, I also got the chance to introduce some of our learn live theatre sessions, as well catch up other educators throughout the event.

Another great aspect of BETT were the socials that took place each evening. Not only was it nice to wind-down, but it was also great for the whole team to spend time together. You really could feel a sense of family within the team !

Millie Stevinson – Education Marketing
For me, The Bett Show was eye-opening. It was amazing to see educators come to visit our stand from all over the globe, and speak so passionately about Microsoft’s latest and greatest products. Whilst I was a part of the core team organising The Bett Show, when it came to the week of the event, my core role was to speak to educators and see if they were interested in attending any of our Learn Live Theatre sessions. These sessions consisted of either a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert or a Microsoft employee demonstrating a new product and highlighting the benefits of using these products in the classroom.

Jack Rowbotham – Bing Search Team
I had the pleasure of volunteering on the first day at BETT with the aim of getting people signed up to the Microsoft Educator Community. It was an amazing experience seeing all of the products and services that Microsoft and competitors are bringing out to boost the use of technology within education. I had the opportunity to meet a number of passionate educators which shared their stories on how Microsoft’s products have helped them with their teaching. As I am not within the education department, it was excellent to gain an understanding of the work they have achieved and the seeing the success of the event.

Viktoriya Ulasavets – Bing Search Team
Despite working in another department, I had a great opportunity to volunteer for The Bett Show, and meet so many curious, innovative and forward-looking people in the Education industry from all over the world. My primary role was to raise awareness of Microsoft Educator Community by showing educators the value it can delivery in their classrooms. It was also absolute pleasure getting to know the public sector team, their views and the impact they are making. The event itself was mind-blowing, and everyone was full of passion for technology and education which is what matters most!

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