Internship Year In Reflection: Anand Subramaniam - Gaming Intern

by Anand Subramaniam

Role Description

Hi, I’m Anand and I am a Technical Program Manager for Lift London game studios. My role involves providing management support for the Studio’s Infrastructure team as well as developing applications in the form of tools and services. I also get to do some UI/UX design for the applications my team builds. My day consists of several meetings in the morning and application development for most of the rest of the day. So lots of variety.

Anand YIRWhat were you expecting to gain from your internship?

A better sense of what kind of career I want in the future I guess. I’m the kind of guy that would love to do everything if I could but you can’t do it all! Thankfully at Lift, I’ve been involved in several projects so I’vegained good experience and variety across the board. But the mind-set you go into your internship with and the resulting experience have surprisingly different. I think the key takeaway is that I have a better understanding of what to expect from the industry when I graduate.

What key skills do you feel you have developed?

Confidence in my abilities. I believe that during my experiences at Lift, I’ve managed to confidently secure the skills I want to progress.

Trying out new things. Definitely recommended! Be brave and take up something new, the idea of an internship is to learn and get experience, a real taste of the industry you want to enter. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine, at least you’ve got a story to tell from it!

What have been the key challenges?

Adjusting my lifestyle for working life. I’m used to dragging through lectures with little sleep but you can’t get away with it when you’re working.

Understanding the high level view of a project. This may sound strange but I’ve only ever been used to small, group projects but working in a team of about 25-30 people is tougher than you think. Keeping up to date with all the different disciplines can be intense but you learn a lot from each member of the team.

Did you get involved in many projects outside your role?

The BeYourFuture blog of course! If your role is not in marketing, I’d definitely recommend this 101 team project. It’s a great and quick way of understanding how marketing works. Best of all? You get to run it! This is an intern lead project and you have a lot of responsibilities if you get involved, with the opportunity to grow up and beyond. As Director of Video, I was creating and controlling video content to add to the blog. The success of the videos have opened up more doors for me, working with other teams across Microsoft, creating videos for them – including the Windows UK team!

Advice for making the most out of your time at Microsoft.

• Get to know people within your business group, across different disciplines
• Go to networking events, you’ll never know who you’ll meet
• Be confident and make your opinion count. If you want to get involved in something, ask the relevant team lead and your manager!
• If you get invited to wider events as part of being a Microsoft employee, go to them. There is a lot to learn and designed for you to meet like-minded people.

Final Thoughts

Have a wicked time at your placement. An opportunity like this doesn’t come through every day and this is the best time to find your niche, make the most of it!

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