BYF Ireland - Team Introduction

Dear readers of the BeYourFuture Blog,

Change is upon us!

As part of our unrelenting mission, to bring you insights into everything there is to being an Intern/Apprentice/Graduate at Microsoft, we at the BeYourFuture blog have opened the door to contributions from Interns/Apprentices/Grads EMEA-wide. The new International Insights section is here to give you a glimpse into the lives of our International Colleagues, and to serve as a showcase of Microsoft's connected and collaborative culture. We, a group of 11 UK-based interns will look to share the global story of Microsoft coming from our colleagues from all over the world!

First up, we welcome Amanda, Carl, Emily and Pheline and the rest of the Irish Interns!

Microsoft first opened its doors in Ireland in 1985 with a small manufacturing facility employing just over one hundred people. Since that time, Microsoft Ireland has grown to encompass four distinct operations at its campus in Sandyford and Leopardstown in Dublin, employing over 1,200 full time employees and 700 full-time contract staff. Microsoft's operations in Ireland include software development and testing, localisation, operations, finance, IT, HR and Sales & Marketing, both here in Ireland and across Europe, Middle East and Africa. A European Data Centre is also located here in Dublin.

Microsoft’s intern community in Dublin supports over 40 business, engineering and human resource students and young graduates from a variety of countries from around the world. There is a diverse culture in the intern community with everyone’s different backgrounds and languages. Our CEO Satya Nadella has a One Microsoft approach to everything, and has a clear vision to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more.
While immersing yourself into your role as an Intern you will also have a strong social committee at your disposal to support you. The Intern social committee organise a variety of activities including sightseeing trips around Ireland, Intern-MACH events, guest speakers, team dinners and nights out in Dublin’s vibrant city! As a result, networking will be a big part of your internship. Microsoft’s culture allows you to network and learn from people across the organization, experiencing a ‘real world’ experience for 9/12months will open your eyes to the countless possibilities Microsoft offers.

As an intern at Microsoft, you will be encouraged to take on the challenge of creating your own project, allowing you to potentially have valuable business impact. As a result of this freedom, four Bing interns in Dublin have put their brains together and realized that, at that moment in time, not a lot of content was available for students and recent graduates interested working at Microsoft Ireland. For this reason, the goal we set for ourselves is creating valuable content that can be of interest to new potential Microsoft hires.

As one of the important values at Microsoft is building on the work of others, we have teamed up with the UK interns, who already have created a beautiful blog online. As a result of an UK – Irish intern collaboration, Irish blog posts will be published on a weekly basis. We are very excited about this, and we hope you will enjoy reading our insights!

Kind regards,

Amanda, Carl, Emily & Phéline

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