Katie Ball - Server Team Intern - Year in Review

With less than a few months to go, I can’t believe that this year is nearly over! Looking back over the year it’s really interesting to see what I’ve achieved so far and how much I still plan on achieving in the next few months.

Since my last blog post I have hosted my four Hybrid IT Roadshows which were a great success and I learnt so much from them. I never realised how much planning goes in to an event and how easy it is for things to go wrong. I am now aware of the best way to resolve issues and ensure that everyone gets the most out ofan event. To prove what I had learnt from the Roadshows event I have since been assigned project lead for our Best of Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) UK 2013 event. Each year we take the best sessions from the MMS event in Las Vegas during April, and present them back to UK based customers who were unable to attend.

As project lead, I organise and delegate all aspects of the event from logistics to the agenda and to who our exhibiting partners would be. The event itself doesn’t happen until then end of May but so far it has been fantastic having so much responsibility. Through being project lead I have been able to further build relationships with partners as well as stakeholders throughout the Microsoft business. I have also really appreciated being accountable for the budget management and deciding where the money should be spent.

Alongside the MMS event, I was also asked to design and lead a new marketing initiative for the Intune team. I was given full reign of their marketing budget and was asked topitch whatever ideas I wanted! I decided that a scratch card competition with phone giveaways would be an interesting and creative way to get customers to come and sign up for an Intune trial. The Intune team agreed and since pitching I have worked closely with a creative agency to design my own scratch card and flyers as well as ordering prizes and giveaways.

I have also continued with my customer evidence project and so far this year have published case studies including onsome of our bigcustomers and I am currently working on creating further high profile case studies. It’s been interesting to see how important the role is that customer evidence plays in Microsoft Marketing and Sales as customers are always asking for stories that demonstrate the benefits other customers got from deploying our products.

When I was first offered my role at Microsoft, I never thought that I could achieve and learn so much in one year (includingwriting acringey thing on here – people do read the posts and people will recognise you at assessment centres). All of the skills that I have developed and all of the knowledge that I have gained will really help me, not only in my final year of university but also in future job roles. I can’t wait to see what the final two months have in store!

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