KELLY WALKER, Trade Marketing Coordinator Intern

Kelly Walker 2Hi everyone, my name is Kelly Walker and I’m a Trade Marketing Coordinator for Xbox Advertising in EMEA. If you’d have told me a year ago that I would be sat here working for one of the biggest companies in the world I probably wouldn’t have believed you! It sounds extremely cheesy but this year has been incredible so far and I already don’t want it to end.

I study at the University of Liverpool, but originally I’m from a small town in Staffordshire so moving to London has been a big change, but a fantastic one! I live in a house in Streatham with 3 other interns and it’s just a short journey to get into central London. I’m based at the Cardinal Place office in Victoria, which is only 2 tube stops away from Oxford Street so lunch time or after work shopping is definitely do-able.

Working for Xbox is as cool as it sounds; as well as the perks there’s a great atmosphere in the team and it’s a really interesting product to work with from a business standpoint. During my internship we’ve celebrated 10 years of Xbox LIVE, released an innovative new advertising product and launched a brand new dashboard so there’s always something going on!

As the Xbox Advertising team, we use Xbox LIVE as an advertising platform, selling space to campaigns and putting these live on the dashboard. My role is to support the sales team across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) by creating and localising sales resources and materials, such as leaflets and presentations, and managing agency engagement events to create leads. This entails planning the event from start to finish and helping everything to run smoothly on the day. Typically our events are held at the agency offices, though I’ve also worked at some really cool venues, including The Barbican and the London Film Museum. I am also responsible for our internal communications to the Microsoft Advertising sales teams across Europe, including contributing to global newsletters.

I’m lucky to have a role where I get to work with a variety of people. For some events I work with the Microsoft Advertising UK and Global Marketing teams, Agency Directors and Account Executives, and external vendors to create our event space. As well as sitting in the Xbox Advertising EMEA team, my Trade Marketing team also reports to the Corporate Marketing team in Seattle and works closely with the Trade Marketing teams in local European markets so I definitely have a more international perspective through working at Microsoft.

Another great thing about Microsoft is the opportunities that are available to you. My newly honed Powerpoint skills were noticed by my team and now I build presentations for some of our speakers, which have been seen by hundreds of people! At Microsoft you’re never treated as an intern and you’re given real responsibility – in my first few months I was managing our UK sales training events. Despite this, you always have support if you need it and employees are happy to offer advice.

As interns we are really encouraged to get involved with projects outside our job roles. Along with our fundraising project for UK Youth, we have the opportunity to join 101 teams, which cover a variety of extra-curricular projects. I am part of the Buddy Team which will be organising the Induction Week for you guys, amongst other Intern events, should you be successful with you application. Recently, I’ve also had the opportunity to join the Schools team for an event, where I spent a morning helping Year 9’s think about their future careers in a local school. These projects really help you to develop a range of skills that you may not get to use on a day to day basis.

My best advice to give to anyone applying right now is don’t be afraid to be yourself. You will have a fantastic year, not only making friends for life but also business contacts for life. We were all in your shoes last year reading through these blogs and now we get to share our experiences with you.

I really encourage you to go for this opportunity if you really want to get something special out of your placement year. Good luck!



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