LIAM KIRWAN - Premier Field Engineer Intern

liam 2Hi everyone, my name’s Liam and I work as an intern in Premier Field Engineering. I’ve had a fantastic year so far and am really looking forward to seeing where the next 6 months with Microsoft will take me. I’m studying IT at Reading University, so the PFE role was perfect for me – PFE is about learning the latest Microsoft technologies to deliver the best training to customers on how to use them.

Within PFE my role is to run the workshops that the engineers host for external customers, which allows me to spend time with IT professionals from all over the UK in many different roles. For someone looking to graduate and find a job in just over a year this is a great way to see what’s out there! The intern role involves scheduling and managing a multi-million dollar business, so you’re given a lot of responsibility and the chance to work on something engaging out of the gate.

As well as running the workshops, interns are encouraged to find a technology that interests them and begin to learn from the vast resources that are available to all engineers. There are opportunities to sit Microsoft exams for free which are recognised widely in the industry – all for free! This role is perfect for anybody with a passion for technology, as you’re given all of the freedom you could ask for to learn as much as you can through the year, including going onto customer site with the engineers to shadow them while they provide training to other professionals.

On top of your day to day role you’re also free to pick up projects with other areas of Microsoft – for example, earlier this year I spent some time visiting different universities to share my experiences at the company for careers fairs and other Microsoft HR events – a great opportunity to get out of the office and try something new. Microsoft is a very ‘open’ company and you are encouraged to explore as much as you can during your time here, and there is no shortage of things to get involved in!

If you have a real interest in technology and the drive to take on new challenges, you will love the PFE role. The flexibility and opportunities on offer mean that you have the chance to take away a huge number of experiences and skills from the year, all while working in one of the most enjoyable workplaces in the UK.

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