LILLIAN HISCOX - Sales MACH - "Going back to Uni"

LillGoing back to Uni….

My first day at university. Now fast forward four years and I find myself in a full time position in one of theworld’s most fast-paced, innovative IT companies….Where did time go?!

My name is Lillian Hiscox and I am an Enterprise Business Productivity Specialist at Microsoft. Prior to this position, I completed a roller-coaster fourteen month internship at Microsoft as an Account Technical Strategist. What seemed like a faced-paced, amazing and fulfilling year, I couldn’t be more happier to be offered a place on the sales graduate scheme :) .

After my internship, the thought of coming back to university when you get used to the working life is a daunting prospect! Those of you who have had the opportunity to take a year out will know only too well, how easy it is to get used to guilt-free evenings, long weekends and that small pot of gold that comes into the bank account each month. So what does change? Apart from discovering day-timeTV again and manipulating a budget to ensure the student loan will cover a student, (social) life- not a lot! For the first two weeks you soon settle back into student life with a much broader knowledge of the world; getting up for 9am lectures never seems a struggle anymore with an embedded weekly routine and nights out in the Student Union soon become part of your life again, for one final year! You will find yourself a lot more proactive and driven on a whole new level with your studies, as you have a much broader insight of the world of business and more of an idea of where you want to get to after university, and what you need to achieve this.

Coming back to work is very exciting but at the same time very daunting. You soon jump back in again to exciting challenges such as presenting to 32 CXO level Executives around the challenges of enterprise social networking and discussing the art of the possible productivity solutions, for transforming our ‘Big Four’ Financial accounts. But at the same time this is the start of the career ladder where there are no long holiday breaks at Christmas and summer to look forward to, because the reality is, this is where life begins to get serious and very exciting….gulp!

I therefore urge you to make the most of the time you have left at university and the time you give yourself before starting your career. Join a new sports society or go travelling, whatever you do, have no regrets when you start your career :) .

To finish I will leave you what I believe to be the top three advantages of going back to university having completed a placement year;

1)You gain real-life business experience which will outdo any textbookyou are required to read!

2)The chance to meet a vast range of contacts/friends who can be fundamental to your final year project and your career path following university.

3)Recruitment prospects become greatly enhanced so that dream job you have always wanted may become a reality!

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