Graduate Stories - by Phil Bailey

phil baileyIt was this time last year I was considering applying for grad jobs – thinking long and hard about where I wanted to work, and what sort of job I’d like to do. From talking to people at careers fairs, speaking to friends at uni who had been interns at Microsoft and searching online it looked to me that Microsoft was somewhere I wanted to work – the people had an infinite amount of love and passion for both the company and what they did, it was a company that really supported individuals to get to where they want to be and develop in areas they wish to improve. And perhaps most of all, the graduate scheme they have (the MACH scheme) was well structured and gave excellent opportunities and support for graduates entering the world of work.

Ever since I started here at Microsoft, I’ve found all this to be true – and am really glad of my decision to work here.

Just a little bit about me; I’m Phil and I did my degree in Management and Strategy at Aston Uni. As a part of my course, I did a placement year working for BMW in their marketing department. This was really valuable when undertaking interviews for the MACH programme, and I would recommend to everyone to do a placement year – not just to look good on your CV but also to gain some experiences to draw upon in your final year of uni.

My journey with Microsoft started around a year ago. I applied for the sales stream of the MACH programme, not being entirely sure of which area of sales I would like to work within. Once at the assessment centre, I was interviewed by managers from different teams, but not from A&O (Advertising and Online – the team I now find myself in). I was invited to the London office afterwards to have an interview with the A&O team, and a week later I remember getting the call offering me the job! I was elated! I now work as an Account Manager within A&O, servicing some of the largest media agencies in the country and ensuring they are happy and buying Microsoft’s advertising products over and over again.

My advice to anyone applying for Microsoft is quite simple. It goes without saying that if you’re not passionate then you won’t get the job. But, have something that you love, care about, and are super proud of – and don’t beafraid to let people know about this inyour interview. Whether it’s a project you’ve worked on, a charity you’ve volunteered for, a sport, a hobby, the list is endless. This company is so diverse in thousands of different ways and that is what makes it so successful – and it’s also what makes a successful MACH! My second piece of advice is to be open minded during the application process. The HR team are excellent at matching people to roles – so don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out more about them during the application process.

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