Matt Shaw - Apprentice in Marketing

Matt Shaw

Job Title: Partner Marketing Executive

Matthew ShawWhat do I do?

My team are called MPN (Microsoft partner network) we do business to business advertising and try to get other businesses to sell Microsoft products. My role is a really diverse one, in the first month our team put on a big event in London for over 10,000 visitors. We also throw a big annual party in America every year which I am helping to plan and organise! My manager has already given me several of my own projects and responsibilities which is really exciting.

This sums up how Microsoft treats all of its employees. No matter whether you’re an apprentice, intern or graduate you are given plenty of responsibilities and you don’t do the typically less important jobs like you might do at other companies. I love my job and I also love Microsoft! Nothing is ever boring, whether it is game launches or bake sales there is always something going on around the offices!

What Have I Learnt?

I have only been here 3 months but I have already learnt so much! Not only do we get a level 3 qualification in business management which is the same as A-levels; but Microsoft also have internal training courses and exams that are free for employees to take. They are really interesting to take, and also really useful as employers find them really attractive as they represent that you have important business skills. I went on a really interesting course on how to market our devices which was really interesting for me! Every day here you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Application Tips

Although it seems really scary, everyone is really friendly at Microsoft. Just be yourself relax and talk confidently about what interests you! It’s more about you than about your qualifications, so all you need to do is talk about yourself (which if you’re like me should be easy)! Make sure you learn a little about our main products: Office 365, Windows, Surface, MSN, Nokia, Xbox & Bing. We have loads more, but a basic understanding of these will really help you. Don’t worry if you aren’t technical – I was (and still am) confused by half the words people use when they talk about technology but that won’t matter! And I’ve saved the best advice until last – SMILE J you would be surprised how much difference it makes! Even if you have no idea what to say just smile and answer and you look so much more confident in yourself. It also creates a connection between you and your interviewer.

I honestly cannot recommend working here enough! Good luck in your application!

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