Meeting with Microsoft's UK GM - Michel Van Der Bel

Get On

What an incredible year it has been for the Get On team!

With July just begun, it’s time to look back on a year’s activities with the Get On team. Each of our sub team performed above and beyond to try and inspire as many young people as possible. This year we managed to reach out to, speak with and tried to inspire 12,590 young people across London, Reading/Berkshire, Surrey and Kent! However we could not have done it without you and your enthusiasm to progressing so want to use this opportunity to thank anyone who took time to speak with us. Lets look at some of the specific highlights…

Events Teams

In total, the events teams reached out to 1,041 young people at our offices in London and Reading across 12 events. Both events teams implemented various fun activities including app challenges, insight sessions with senior employees and gave tips on how to apply for a job. All this was achieved with a positive feedback rating of 91%.

Highlights from the year include:
– A visit from the Duke of York
– The attendance of MP Rob Wilson at a Get On Event
– Mayoress of Wokingham visits
– Hosting an International Business School specific event
– Vast amounts of Social Media Coverage from Slenky and the London Job Centre

Check out a video from one of your events HERE.

Schools Teams

The schools teams have managed to reach out to 11,509 students across the board offering mock interviews, insight sessions, workshops and career fair advice across South Eastern England. We were present at *67 various events *in total.

Highlights here include:
– Setting up Skype Classroom Virtualization sessions
– Creating new well received Video Content

Work Experience Teams

Being a new team to Get On this year, the Work Experience team has dominated the field offering a week’s work experience in our London and Reading offices. We managed to take on *40 candidates *throughout the year, giving them exposure to the business.

Areas our candidates have worked in include:
– Advertising and Online
– Marketing and Online
– Bing International
– Multinational Sales
– Programme Management
– Bing Apps

With the majority of our candidates leaving having passed with a Microsoft Office Certification, it has been a valuable insight into the world of work, gained experience and an extra qualification for free!

To see what other candidates have been up to, click HERE.

The Get On Blog and Newsletter

This year, we saw the launch of the Get On Blog to bring user engagement further than ever before! Designed with you in mind, we’ve gone digital with posts written by young people for young people, in a less corporate manner.

Sections include:
– Top News
– Events
– Schools
– Work Experience
– Top Tips .

What did Michel Think?

Our UK Microsoft GM – Michel Van Der Bel – spent time with us to hear about all these success throughout the year. Presenting to him was a real privilege and an amazing opportunity to present our work from the year! With all the achievements mentioned above, Michel was pleased to see the progress.

He went on to say how he feels like the scheme deserves more backing from Microsoft to try and drive as much engagement as possible. He also went to say how it would be great to expand the Get On umbrella further and reach more areas in the UK.

With this in mind, we are now going to try and push through a wider reach in our next financial year from July onwards, pushing through not only to our South Eastern England area but further throughout the UK. Our aim is to produce Get On ambassadors, Apprenticeship ambassadors and leverage other opportunities to extend reach further.

If you wish to hear more of the opportunities where you live to bring Microsoft to your area, please get in contact with us HERE.

Whats Next?

With the current Get On – Get Inspired team’s internships coming to a close, we would like to thank all that have been in contact with us and those that we have spoken to. We look forward to seeing the next set of interns taking over from us and hopefully continue to excite, interest and engage you all in thinking to the future.

All the best,

The Get On team.

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