MICHAEL STANUSZEK, Technical Consultant EPG

mike s 2Hi everyone, my name’s Michael and I work within the Specialist Team Unit in the Enterprise and Partner Group. As a Computer Science and Business student at the University of Kent, I can’t think of a better place for my industrial placement. Don’t let my job role scare you (no coding involved J .. thankfully!), as it is a great mix of working with our enterprise customers and partners, visiting customer sites to show them Microsoft technology and how they can use what they already have to get the most out of there data, and a bit of technical stuff!

It has now been 7 months since I first started the Microsoft journey as an intern, when I first started I wouldn’t call myself a ‘technical’ person – but now I feel I have picked up more in these few months than I have in the last 2 years at uni, and I feel I can have a technical discussion with a customer.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months and what adventures Microsoft will take me on. I have been quite lucky with my role as I have got to travel around the UK – Scotland, Leeds and Manchester to names a few, setting up and helping deliver workshops with my team, as well as shadowing the solution sales people. This has given me great insight into Microsoft sales and technology strategies, but essentially has help me decide what I want to do after university.

The very flexible ‘Microsoft’ environment has let me take ownership of projects within my department, but also get involved in the ‘101 teams’. Having been a teaching assistant in my gap year and working with the army cadets, the Schools 101 team felt best suited for me. As a team we have reached thousands of young people in the last few months, attending careers fairs and school presentations. The skills that I have picked up from this are very interchangeable with any role I go for in the future.

With the assessment centre’s now under way my advice to you is that the assessment centre is essentially there to find out about you – somake sure you have something interesting (your USP) to talk about and plenty of examples of when you have shown your ‘skills’

There are many values that come from any placement such as ‘the experience’ but the most useful for me is that I know that I want to go into a Sales role in the future – I can only thank Microsoft for that, as it is a job role that I only thought exists on the high street. Good luck to all who applied!

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