Microsoft Ireland Intern Application Advice

Hello everyone,
If you are considering applying for the internship, give this article a read as it will provide you with some handy, helpful tips and tricks to help you through the application process!
Remember: check and note down your stream’s closing date
The internship application process consists of:
1. Submission of CV and filling out of a form with your education details
2. An online scenario/personality assessment
3. A video interview
4. Various Skype interviews with recruiters
5. If successful, a final round face to face interview at the Microsoft Ireland offices.

This may seem scary at first, but if you do the right research and take it step by step, you will fly through the process 

1) CV

• Your CV should be no longer than two pages

• Bullet your info, make it concise but relevant

• State the impact and what you learned from your experiences, don’t just state what you did.

• Tailor it to the job you are applying for, show why you would be great for the job!

• Show your extra-curricular passions and interests, they are extremely important!

• Make it clear at a quick glance that you are worth an interview

• Have a clear design and layout

2) Online scenario assessment
• After you submit this first step, you will be sent a link to complete an online assessment. • This will test your behaviour style in a potential workplace and so it is important to just be yourself, think about what you are being asked and answer, according to what you would do in the proposed situation. • Do not leave it until the last minute as this will just delay your application from moving forward quickly!

3) The Video Interview
• If you are successful, you will be invited to do an online interview where you record your response to three questions. This is not a live interview, but there is a person who is pre-recorded who will ask you questions. • You have a minute in between each question to prepare your answer. Use this time wisely and write bullet points rather than big paragraphs. • Structure your answers • Speak slowly and clearly and be natural (even if it feels weird talking to yourself!) • Pre-prepare competency-based questions that you may be asked such as;

a. A time where you showed leadership

b. Talk about a time where you overcame a challenge in college or outside of college

c. Why do you think you would thrive in a company like Microsoft?

4) Skype Interview- 20-30 minutes
If you are successful in your video interview, you will be invited to talk to one or two of the recruiters in Microsoft. These interviews are to get to know you more and learn about why you want to work for Microsoft. They are very friendly and put you at ease, so just be yourself 

• Do your research; know what Microsoft is all about, its culture, values and your favourite products/services it offers

• Keep up with the latest news about Microsoft (Follow them on LinkedIn for example)

• Show your true colours and what you are passionate about, this is more of a conversation than a typical ‘interview’

• Prepare a few questions that you may want to ask, this will show curiosity and interest

• Dress appropriately and neatly; as if you were attending an onsite interview

• Ensure you have a quiet space booked for the time of your interview

• Check that your Wi-Fi connection is working before the interview

5) The Final Interview- Onsite

If you have gotten this far, well done! You are obviously doing something right and the recruiters see a lot of potential in you. The same advice goes for all of the above stages.

• Dress appropriately; although Microsoft come across as a more casual attire workplace, it looks better if you dress formally for in person interview.

• You will be asked to prepare a brief presentation- they will give you details of this in advance of the interview date.

• You can use any means for this: PowerPoint, Sway etc.

• Practice how you will present this, they look at your presenting skills as well as listening to your content.

• Know your audience: Do a bit of background research on your interviewer; what role she/he has in the company, previous roles, interests etc.

• Prepare a few questions for the interview, they want to hear from you as well!

Last but not least, the key takeaways I would give are to be prepared, think about what YOU can bring to the table at Microsoft and to be yourself. Show your passions and show them the real you! The recruiters are really friendly and helpful so there is no need to get too stressed.

Best of luck to you all, go for it!

The Be Your Future Team

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