Microsoft ranked as the No.1 Placement by Rate My Placement

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft is ranked as the Number 1 placement by Rate My Placement:

What is Rate My Placement?

Rate My Placement is a blog designed to help students find and choose internships/placements based on student reviews. This blog also gives you the deadline dates, job descriptions and length of the placement offered.

Here are a few reviews from University recruiters and managers that tell us why they take on interns:

"We are so delighted with this result. We have worked really hard over recent years to continue to develop and improve our Intern Programme and the experience that our Interns have whilst on placement with us. We view our Interns as highly capable, hugely motivated individuals who bring massive value to our business. Our Intern Programme is not only an important pipeline for great talent into our organisation but during the 12 months that they spend with us, they bring new ideas, clever solutions and a fresh perspective to Microsoft UK.

We place a huge emphasis on creating a strong and supportive community and for this reason, we focus heavily on the onboarding experience and provide a great deal of support throughout the year. This helps the Interns to start strong, develop quickly and make an impact in their individual roles.

As the Early in Career Programme Manager responsible for Intern Programme, I am driven to ensure we provide the best and most challenging and enjoyable placement possible to each and every Intern. One of the key factors in this, is providing REAL job roles with REAL responsibility.
I am really proud that our programme has been named No.1 this year by RateMyPlacement and have many people to thank for helping us to achieve this; not least our phenomenal University Recruiters and our amazing Intern Managers who are committed to growing and developing great talent."

Jacqui Lloyd, Early in Career Programme Manager

All the interns at the Welcome Day

"Microsoft is number 1 Undergraduate Employer because we take our role in shaping and forming the future of business and the business of people very seriously. Our Undergraduate programme isn’t a tick in the box exercise for us to look good on paper. We believe in people and the power they can have when they are learning, discovering their own capabilities and using the potential they have; to achieve more than they thought they could. The working environment and amazing culture of Microsoft empowers us all to get the best out of each other- intern or not. Microsoft is second to none if you are looking for a place to push your boundaries and be set for long lasting career success. It’s here if you want it."

Mariyah Ackaa, Regional Delivery Manager (UK, France & Germany)

"Interns bring immense value to our business - they add a perspective that we most likely don’t have. We see them as an asset which we try to leverage everyday. In our team, interns are doing their day to day roles but also work on projects that challenge them and help them develop. They don’t wait to be asked because they know that no idea is too bold. In fact, the bolder, the better! Every year I am yet more amazed at the high level of contribution this group makes to our team in such a short space of time, we are fortunate to have them. We also try to create an experience here at Microsoft for this group which will be supportive to their education and also memorable; in both a business and “fun” perspective.

We are very pleased how the team worked last and this year so far."

Ravleen Beeston, Head of Sales, Bing UK, Microsoft Search Advertising

Here are a few quotes from some of the interns on why they believe Microsoft is ranked as the No.1 Placement:

"The application process was efficient, the induction process quickly eradicated any worries, and I’ve learnt far more over the past few months than I thought possible! I’m not surprised Microsoft has been ranked number one – this internship is incredible."

Harry Morgan

"I am ecstatic that Microsoft is no. 1, but from an intern’s point of view, it does not come as a surprise! The Early in Careers team and all the people at Microsoft are amazing; interns, grads and apprentices’ ideas are listened to and we are given so many opportunities to really make an impact."

Alexandra Offord

"The level of freedom and responsibility is incredible – Microsoft allows you to create your own ideas and make them happen in a working environment. From the offset, you are entrusted with the responsibility to work on real Microsoft projects that help you to gain recognition amongst your Microsoft colleagues."

George Salmon

"The central reason for me is that you are surrounded by some of the most accomplished people in the industry who are eager to help you evolve and learn from you."

Jonathan Fear

All the interns at the Intern Off-site at Avon Tyrell

"From the first month of my internship, I was given tasks that were vital for the business and I could see my impact. In my opinion, the fact that Microsoft challenges its interns to achieve more, makes this internship so successful."

Daniela Grozav  

"Unlimited opportunities - Microsoft enables Undergraduates to make an impactful difference to millions of our customers. With unlimited opportunities and the technology at your finger tips, Undergraduates are truly empowered to bring real impactful change to the world and business."

Jonny Foster

  "When joining Microsoft, interns are given genuinely crucial responsibilities with a real chance to add value to the business. On top of that you are surrounded by incredibly talented people!!"

Ross Porter

  "I believe Microsoft deserves no.1 due to the real responsibilities interns have that create real business impact. Nobody is stuck making tea or photocopying. Flexible and open environment with approachable people who aim to help are just a few other reasons that make the Microsoft internship so amazing."

Aimee Wood  

"I think Microsoft was voted #1 Undergraduate employer as it offers more meaningful experience and variety than any other employer. As an undergraduate the experiences gained from working here are going to make me stand out amongst the thousands of other undergraduates."

Mike Marston

  "We're treated as an employee and a colleague with training invested in us. There are opportunities to work alongside other employees in different parts of the business allowing for a more rounded experience. From only being here 4 months I already know that I want to come back as a Graduate."

Elizabeth Falkowska

"I believe Microsoft was voted at the top of the rankings for undergraduate employment because of the opportunities they open up to their undergraduates, the culture and atmosphere within the company and the drive they have for undergraduates to succeed. There are not many companies that fully invest in their apprentices and interns and value them as sincerely as Microsoft do."

Zoe Nichols

"I think that one of the main reason Microsoft has been voted #1 undergraduate employer this year, is because of the amount of opportunity you get to drive projects. You are trained from the start, but then encouraged to come up and share new ideas."

Harriet Cox

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