Microsoft OneNote

Ever used OneNote before? No? Well you should definitely check out this video!

OneNote is a tool that you can use to put things like lecture notes, classwork, and revision in. You may think that sounds a bit like Word. HOWEVER, in OneNote you can store literally a whole notebook in one place, so think of it like Word, but in the form of an actual book.

This means you could have one notebook for a specific university module let’s say. It’s dead handy!

Everyone at Microsoft uses OneNote as it is such an effective tool, so if you would like to go into the working world with a head start, you should definitely start using it!

You can download OneNote, and the rest of Office for free if you are in education using this link:

Give it a go !

Click the image below for an insightful video about the amazing tool that is OneNote !


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