Microsoft Win Graduate Social Media Award!

Last week Microsoft UK won “best use of social media in graduate recruitment” for the IT sector at the SoMe awards. University Staffing Consultant Ula Dolska and interns Josh Riches and Dan Oates claimed the prize for their work with the Be Your Future blog and social media platforms, as voted for by students. Previously in the day the blog was presented as a master-class to industry professionals; receiving comprehensive enthusiasm and praise.

What are the SoMe Awards?

The SoMe Graduate Awards and Conference commend the work of companies that endeavour to engage with students through social media. Microsoft were heavily involved with 2 awards nominations, taking home the “Best Use of SoMe (Social Media) Platforms for Graduate Recruitment – IT Sector”. This award was won with a landslide 40% of the votes, all of which were from student audiences who identified Microsoft as the company that most effectively engages with them through social media.

Presenting the Blog to Industry Experts

There to receive the award was Ula Dolska University Staffing Consultant and interns Josh Riches and Dan Oates; members of the “Be Your Future” blog team. Ula, Josh and Dan had presented the blog in a master-class presentation preceding the award ceremony; providing insights into how to successfully communicate with a student audience through blogging. They highlighted the need to keep the content ICE! Informative, concise and engaging, broad company representation through curating posts from individuals across the business, synergy with social media platforms and the potential within video to challenge misconceptions and provide powerful context.

Setting the ‘what’ amongst the ‘what?’?

Another important element addressed was the success of utilising interns as the blogs management team. “Setting the pigeons amongst the pigeons” was the phrase of the day, highlighting the ability of the student intern led team’s ability to think like a student and really address the core needs of the audience. The team setup also represents the spectrum of skills on the internship program from technical skills,marketing, graphic design, journalistic skills and professional quality video editing. Not only does the blog provide value to its users, but to its team allowing the blog’s management to develop their skills outside their regular position.

Blog Reception

The presentation received a great reception from the audience, with a seemingly endless stream of enthusiastic questions; wanting to find out more about our successes and querying how we manage to get such involvement from the intern community. Our presentation was one of many during the day, with representatives from Google, Havas People, Sonru, Rate My Placement and others sharing industry insights.

What this Demonstrates About Microsoft

Winning the award is not just a demonstration of the character of the university staffing and blog team, it is a demonstration of the collaborative nature of the intern community and Microsoft as a whole. With the content strategy of voluntary posts from individuals across the business being key to the blog’s success in providing insights that excite and inspire the next generation of Microsoft student hires.

A Big Thanks to You!

The award Be Your Future received at SoMe was as voted for by students, so want to thank you, our users for engaging with the content we provide. You’ve bet on the right horse!

Blog team credits: Zain Luke Ali, Polly Cartwright, Caitlin Goodale, James Naldrett, Dan Oates, Josh Riches, Stefana Simion, Anand Subramaniam.

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