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As a world-leading tech company, Microsoft is constantly developing in order to stay at the forefront of the Tech Market. On October 6th 2015 Microsoft stunned New York and the world with a powerhouse line-up of market-beating products and with this article we aim to equip you with the ‘starter-pack’ of knowledge of our latest devices launch, along with giving our first impressions of the latest Microsoft offering.

Being commercially aware nowadays not only provides with an understanding of how a certain company or an entire industry is moving and which direction, but also allows you to stand out from the crowd and show recruiters that you have taken the “extra” step.

Microsoft Band 2 -

Microsoft Band 2 follows up from version 1 released earlier this year. This product was much anticipated and certainly delivered! Sleeker and lighter than before with a host of really useful apps headed up by the impressive Microsoft Health app. The latest Microsoft Band effortlessly combines the ability to track your day-to-day health and fitness needs, whilst also enabling you to #DoGreatThings by keeping on top of emails, texts and calls. I personally have one, it’s brilliant and yet it's not going to leave a big hole in your wallet! I can track my sleep, which as a student/young professional is incredibly useful as we really don’t get enough, so it’s great to see where I get good quality sleep and taking steps towards improving this. Also, Band is the number one gym-buddy! If you’re a runner, cyclist or gym-fanatic there is a workout for you and an app to track your performance. It’s incredibly addictive, and all this whilst having your texts/emails/calls a glance away.

Device Launch


Not many people will have heard of Hololens before the 6th October product launch. We truly saw what’s to come from this futuristic product, bringing the wonders of Virtual Reality into the home! Exciting times are ahead with Hololens with developers now able to get their hands on it and produce some truly awesome experiences. Definitely check out more videos online to see the full extent of its capabilities as it stands now, and just think of the possibilities!

Device Launch

Surface Book -

Microsoft has introduced its very own laptop that takes a unique spin on the notebook format. Some have described the Surface Book as 'the MacBook Killer'. You will not find another laptop on the market with anything like the same power and speed of the Surface Book, whilst also offering the flexibility of a detachable tablet. It's incredibly thin too, with its compact and slick design and powerful body to handle worksheets, edit photos or play the latest game, this is truly the ultimate device to #DoGreatThings

Device Launch

Lumia 950 and 950XL -

Welcome to the world of Lumia. Microsoft are about to stamp their authority within the smartphone business with two powerful and truly beautiful devices. Both models come with pre-installed Microsoft Office, a crucial component to have at your disposal to take on the battle with a sea of assignments. The power of these devices is also ridiculously impressive. Having the ability to synchronise files quickly and easily across devices allows students to access and share information from pretty much everywhere. And with your own personal assistant, Cortana only a reach away, no tasks is unachievable. And the camera... stunning.

Device Launch

Surface Pro 4 -

'The tablet that can replace your laptop'.

The latest edition to the Surface family, the Surface pro 4 is possibly the coolest laptop on the market at the moment. The great thing about this device is it does it all. The nimbleness of a tablet married beautifully with the productivity of a laptop. The surface pro 4 boosts performance stats that the ipad could only dream of. Added to that it's sleek design and ridiculously simple kick back stand, it's a stunningly useful device.

Imagine pulling out one in your next lecture, amongst a sea of Macbooks it's clear who's switched on.

Device Launch

And what's unique about this range of devices? They are all connected... Using the magnificent new Windows 10 operating system, which is currently taking the tech world by storm.

So this article isn't to sell you Microsoft's products. This article is us as a team explaining what we love about our devices, what sets Microsoft's products apart from the rest whilst also equipping you with the first-level of basic product knowledge which will prove so crucial during your application process. Knowing about these products, being able to talk about them and really assess them will showcase to Microsoft your passion for tech and your passion for the company.

If you want to check out the official devices launch footage

Device Launch

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