Millie Hand - Internal Marketing

Hi I’m Millie, I go to Portsmouth University and study International Business Studies! Before I wrote this I remembered looking through this blog pre interviews and I’m trying to think what I would have liked to have seen. Firstly if you’ve got an assessment centre then well done! That’s a great achievement in itself. Secondly, advice… I suppose I would say don’t stress yourself out by being too nervous, you applied for this internship – and the best possible outcome so far has been achieved, so try not to think about it and just embrace the experience. It’s a start of what’s to come!

The other thing I would say is know your stuff! Not necessary about Microsoft – that’s important too but this is also a learning experience for you. I mean know yourself and know your experiences, think hard about the type of qualities you would like to see if you were employing someone. I expected to be sat in an interview room with 10 super geniuses who had thousands more hobbies and interests than me, when in reality they were all just normal, real and approachable people – almost more daunting! It’s a scary experience – but it’s good to force yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while.

SO now for the job, I was lucky enough to get a placement that compliments my course perfectly! I work for World Wide Public sector under Education. My role is a marketing role but its internal marketing. This means a support to the hundreds of people we have selling Microsoft products into educational institutions all over the world. Every day I get to work alongside people in all different countries and it’s so varied and interesting. Part of my role is promoting sales, writing for magazines and Newsletters, doing reports and getting involved in big PR announcements. Being worldwide also meant I had the opportunity to travel back in October. I spent a week in Rome supporting and filming a huge conference which was amazing! Also this year I spent a week in London supporting the BETT show (a huge global education show) which meant hard work, but also lovely restaurants and hotels – plus finally meeting a lot of the people I work with over the phone. A lot of work I receive is random – but that’s the best part, you are given a lot of opportunities and it’s totally up to you how you embrace those, the more things you embrace the more great people you meet!

All of what you read may sound confusing and detailed, but everyone who started was just a clueless as you are right now, and if we can do it you definitely can!

PS: The display pictureis me and Hark selling GU puddings in the office to raise money for UK Youth charity.

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