Mitchell Doggett: My Intern and Graduate Experience

My Intern Year

My Job Role

Hi my name is Mitch and I was an Intern in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Xbox support team, I sat within a team that was responsible for the overall service delivered to all of our Xbox customers within EMEA. The year provided me with extremely good exposure to a high level of strategic business discussions which allowed me to put into practice the theory I learnt whilst at university. My role involved managing third party vendors that provided support to our Xbox customers through phone, online chat and the Xbox website.

My Personal Highlight

The main highlight of my year was the travel involved within my role, due to being part of an EMEA team I was able to visit different countries within Europe to manage the relationship with our vendors. Some of the places I visited were; Amsterdam, Dublin and Romania. The experience of interacting with international businesses was invaluable in my development and I believe was a key factor to my journey to becoming a Graduate at Microsoft.

Coming Back as a Graduate

My Experience So Far

As a Graduate I have entered the business, through applying into the Business Consultancy and Project Management stream, as a Technical Account Manager (now called a Service Delivery Manager) within Microsoft services. My role is to provide managed services to customer accounts in order to assess and optimise their IT environments. Overall this means I manage the relationship from a business perspective between Microsoft and the customer. Being a Graduate has been amazing so far, the level of responsibility that is afforded to the graduates is second to none, not to mention the robust training offered to on-board each graduate. A personal highlight of mine was the trips organised to the Milan and Munich offices to partake in training programmes in order to accelerate our learning.

Application Advice

My top tips for someone who wants to be a graduate would be:

  • Be yourself - Microsoft really hires people from all sorts of backgrounds, your experience whatever that may be is valuable!
  • Thrive on change - The tech industry is one of the most fast paced and rapidly changing in the world. Being able to embrace this is key to securing a role within Microsoft.
  • Understand your motivations - Understand why you want to go into tech, what motivates you and how your motivations align to that of Microsoft.

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