NATASHA'S DIARY: How has the internship affected your career prospects? + Top Tips

In a quick Q&A this week Natasha tells us how she feelsher internship at Microsoft has affected her career prospects and gives top tips for students interested in a Microsoft internship.

***Q: How has this internship affected your career prospects?***
 Ever since I was 14, I have been a working girl, whether it was posting newspapers through letterboxes, or working on the weekends in retail stores. To say the least, I have always had a lot of work experience to plaster all over my CV, feeling like I had accomplished a lot. However, since working for Microsoft, all my other work seems obsolete, purely because I have learnt and developed more skills in this one job than in the 6 other jobs I have had throughout my life. Seeing as I managed to get the job with Microsoft with what I thought was an impressive stack of job titles, who knows what my career prospects hold in the future now that I have Microsoft under my belt. All I know is, with a name like Microsoft on my CV, it definitely deserves a second glance.
 When I tell people I am interning at Microsoft this year, one of the first comments they have is ‘wow, to show you have worked at Microsoft will look great on your CV’ – and the truth is it does! Microsoft is a global company and its software and products have become a day to day necessity to most people. To say that Microsoft is a household name is not an understatement, because we all know it, and I am truly lucky to be able to attach myself to that name and say that I am a part of it. I have not yet had to apply for any other jobs, and so have not seen the power of the Microsoft name in action, but I do know that the skills I have learnt so far and how much I have developed over the last few months, will put me in good stead when it comes to my future career. ***Any top tips for a student interested in an internship here?***
There are so many pieces of advice I could give you, and I really do wish every single person luck with getting the job of their dreams just like me. It wasn’t easy, but the things that you love to do rarely are easy to get, otherwise everyone would be doing them! So that is my top tip… Do what you love and do it well. Be honest to yourself, ensurethat you are going for a job that is right for you, don’t do something that someone else wants you to do, or because you think you’d enjoy it… If that was the case I’d probably be the world’s worst Lawyer by now! You’ll be working in that place for a whole year, so make sure it’s a year to remember and to be enjoyed!
 Do your research, and really know why you want to work there, it shouldn’t have to be the case of an employer trying to convince you that you should work for them – it should be you convincing them why you are perfect for that job! You should know all you need to know about the roles and company you are going for, not just so that you can show that you know the company, but also it’s your chance to see where exactly you fit in.
 Fully immerse yourself in the opportunity! This is one of those experiences that not everyone is lucky enough to get, and if you work hard and are good at what you have been asked to do, you will be reaping the rewards! This is also your chance to show the company why you are a great employee, as most companies now-a-days hire people who they have given Internships to, so make sure you end that year being invaluable to the company and giving them no reason not to want you back.
 I wish you all great years ahead of you, and hope you get the jobs that you want!

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