NATASHA'S DIARY: Learning and Challenges

What was your greatest challenge?

Someone once said…’ with great power comes great responsibility..’ (Yes that is a quote from Spiderman!), and it couldn’t be more true. Working for Microsoft has opened doors for me that I never knew could be opened, but it then becomes my responsibility to close them. You get given so much responsibility and a chance to own things, that by the end of it, you are the only one who knows everything about that subject. That is where my greatest challenge has lay. This is the first time I have ever been given so much responsibility, and have to truly be accountable for everything I do. It’s not an easy task to run and start something from scratch and especially when you are trying to get used to working life to begin with, solely owning something is not stress-free! But it is also one of the best and most liberating experiences I could have asked for… When I sit back at the end of the year, hopefully having found a successful team and sitting in Russia waiting for the UK to be announced as winners (Let’s hope!), I will know that I did that, and I worked so hard this year to make it all happen. Although it is a great challenge, and one I have never really experienced before, responsibility and accountability are the best things you can get out of an internship, and is certainly something every intern gets at Microsoft.

What did you learn on your internship?

It has been just under 6 months since I started here (although I hate thinking about it, as I am already nearly half way through and I don’t want it to end!) and the extent to what I have learnt is literally unimaginable. This has already been one of the best learning experiences and life lessons that I could have been given and I really hope everyone reading this considers applying for the opportunity to work with Microsoft, as it truly is amazing. To name a few things I have learnt so far, (knowing that there is definitely more learning experiences to come..) I have presented in front of thousands of people on areas I didn’t even know I had so much knowledge about, I have ran tasks and events from start to finish, learnt how to analyse and think logically (this definitely doesn’t come naturally!), learnt how to work with a team effectively, but also how to lead my own projects, learnt all about Microsoft and its products… the list is literally endless!

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