National Apprenticeship Week 2016... Recap

National Apprenticeship Week was a busy period! Throughout the week we were here, there and everywhere raising awareness of the Microsoft Apprenticeship Programme! Below are snippets from a number of the apprentices summarising what they spent their week doing…

Monday & Tuesday

‘On the 14th and 15th March, during National Apprenticeship Week, a National Apprenticeship Show was held at Milton Keynes with over 100 businesses coming to promote their own apprenticeship schemes. The businesses ranged from the Royal Army, Royal Mail, Mercedes and even Pizza Hut. Of course not forgetting Microsoft! Over the two days, we managed to speak to over 1000 people about the Microsoft apprenticeship scheme! The ages ranged from years 7 to 13 as well as parents coming for support. We were able to inspire many and give the information about an opportunity that they may not have known about before. So many people came to our stall that by the end of the second day we had run out of all flyers, freebies and our voices!
It’s really good to see that apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular; giving students of all ages an option for their future other than university or a job.’ – Sania Samad


‘On Tuesday 15th March, During National Apprenticeship Week, Some of the UK’s biggest apprenticeship supporters including Microsoft, IBM and Channel 4 were invited to an exclusive event at the Bond in Motion Exhibition at London Film Museum called ‘License to Skill’ (Play on words from the 007 film, License to Kill.) The event was organized in conjunction with the Greater London Authority and Tech City. Over 200 employers from the creative, digital and technical sectors attended the event - including myself! Guest speakers at the event included Nadhim Zahawi MP (the Prime Minister's Apprenticeships Advisor) with an appearance
At the event, our very own Hugh Milward (Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft UK) announced that the new FY17 Apprentices will be trained in Cyber security and how to protect themselves and other employees from cyber-attacks. This is a huge step for Microsoft as cyber-security does not only effect businesses and company’s but also Microsoft customers.’ – Robson Smith


‘On the 16th March, myself and Sania travelled to London to help out at an Apprentice Get On event. The day was split into two, we had a visit in the morning followed by an afternoon session. The sessions involved quizzes and games, to excite the attendees about Microsoft and Apprenticeships, followed by a career carousel. The attendees spent 5 minutes with each of us and this gave them the opportunity to ask any questions they had on Microsoft or the Apprenticeship Programme. This was followed by an Hour of Code Session. Sania and I were up next, we presented about the Microsoft Apprenticeship Scheme and spoke about our journeys into Microsoft. We definitely inspired some of the attendees and they were very interested in applying for the scheme by the end of the session. The day was finished off with a tour of the Kingdom Street offices, before the attendees departed for the day.’ – Nicole Ryle


‘As part of National Apprenticeship week, 6 of the FY16 apprentices attended an apprentice quiz at a secondary school in London. The format of the quiz was popular TV shows including “The Chase” and “Catchphrase” and we competed against apprentices from other companies including Capgemini and IBM. Also in our team were a number of students from the secondary school that were hosting us, this gave us a great opportunity to talk to them about their plans for after school and to talk to them about our apprenticeships! After the final round of “The Cube”, the quiz had reached its end with Capgemini coming out as winners. We really enjoyed our evening out in London and came in a respectable second place! Bring on next year!’ – Sean Phelps.


‘On the 18th March, Microsoft invited 20 students from Waingels College, into the offices. I was asked to do a presentation on my journey into the apprenticeship programme so that the students could get some insight and awareness around the scheme. I was accompanied by my fellow apprentices who were there for moral support, as well as to answer the student’s questions. The presentation was very successful, we were able to open the eyes of the students and after the presentation more of them were considering an apprenticeship over university. Success and a great way to finish National Apprenticeship Week!’ – Nicole Ryle.

In conclusion we would like to say "Congratulations" to our wonderful apprentices for doing such an amazing job during the National Apprenticeship week :)

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