Olivia Keogh: Microsoft Brand Ambassador

1Hello! My name is Olivia Keogh and I am the Microsoft Brand Ambassador at Aston University. I am currently in my second year of studying Business and Management and absolutely love the course!

Microsoft embraces and rewards innovation, creating opportunities for their employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a brand ambassador, I represent the link between Microsoft and Aston University students. It is my responsibility to raise awareness of the career opportunities available at Microsoft to Aston University students through ongoing promotional efforts.

I applied to be the Brand Ambassador because I have a strong determination to have a future career in marketing and saw this as the perfect opportunity to enhance my capabilities within this field. I greatly enjoy networking and creative marketing therefore saw this as a role in which I could utilise and enhance these skills. I had previous work experience at the Microsoft Western Europe HQ in Dublin, working as a Business Analyst during the summer, therefore I felt I could offer a unique and experiential perspective on the career opportunities available at Microsoft, providing students with a first-hand account of such an inspiring place to work.

I am one of twelve Microsoft UK Brand Ambassadors. In August, we attended a training day, held in the Microsoft Reading offices. Throughout the day, the passion, enthusiasm and 3commitment to innovation the Microsoft employees have shone through!The offices and its modern facilities were amazing! The latest Microsoft gadgets are displayed throughout the building, almost becoming reminders of the innovative and technologically advanced work employees achieve on a daily basis. There are both modern meetings rooms and relaxed working areas, alongside a gym, huge canteen and social spaces – filled with pool tables and table tennis tables! It seemed like a really exciting place to work! After meeting the recruitment team, we spoke with both current interns and full time employees in order to gain an in-depth insight into life at Microsoft. The overwhelming consensus was that every employee genuinely loved their role and felt inspired on a daily basis to exceed their capabilities and strive to constantly improve. There was a great camaraderie amongst the different functional areas and employees were extremely friendly and enthused to show us what exciting projects they were currently working on. Upon completing the training day, I felt inspired and motivated to start my campaign at Aston University and could not wait to start my second year of study!

As a brand ambassador, it is my responsibility to network with key university contacts in order to raise the awareness of the diverse opportunities available at Microsoft amongst the student population. Lecture shout outs are a major part of my role. At first this was a very daunting experience…standing at the front a lecture hall with 300 students staring blankly back at you is not for the faint hearted! But I soon got used to doing this and now greatly enjoy the4 experience as it consistently improves upon my presentation skills and confidence in public speaking.Most recently, I worked at the careers fair and the Garage event, promoting Microsoft brand alongside current interns and full time employees of Microsoft. Leading up to the event, I networked extensively amongst key university contacts, promoted the event online and via lecture shout outs, distributed flyers and organised a targeted email to be sent to all Aston University Business School. This on-going promotional activity meant there was a strong student presence at the Garage, making it very successful in raising awareness of what the Brand represents and how students can become join in with and contribute to the Microsoft story.

The ethos and inspirational culture of Microsoft is particularly appealing to me therefore I feel extremely proud and privileged to be given the opportunity to represent Microsoft at Aston University and contribute to the Microsoft story. My experience as a Brand Ambassador has greatly increased my desire to follow a career at Microsoft and I hope to start this career whilst working as an intern during my industrial placement year! Fingers crossed my application is successful!

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