Introducing the Buddy Team

At Microsoft, we have a number of early in career opportunities which all offer great experiences PLUS a wealth of top tips and tricks to help you start your journey with us. But what happens once you get started?

When you join Microsoft, you are welcomed into a community - especially early in career. You will have a team of mentors and employees who will do everything they can to support you and ensure that your integration into the team, company and the overall culture that we live and work by here at Microsoft.

For interns more specifically, you will be welcomed and on boarded by the Buddy Team - a team of previous interns, who aim to give you the right knowledge, training and environment in which you are able to thrive right from the very start. After your offer you will be given the opportunity to attend a Welcome Day in May and Induction Week in July. Both of these are in place purely to make you feel comfortable and prepared to start your journey.

This year, the Buddy Team is led by one of our very own content leads, Laura, who has decided to share this year's team and upcoming activity that will be happening for our FY17 interns. This should hopefully give you an insight into what you can expect if you were to start your career journey here to. So, let's meet the team…

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