Rene Germain: Microsoft Brand Ambassador

Rene LoughbourghMy name is Rene and I’m the Microsoft Brand Ambassador for Loughborough University.The first major part of the campaign was the campus Garage Event. Leading up to the event was rather hectic, in terms of promotion. I don’t think I have tweeted or posted on Facebook so much in my life!! But it was effective, as when I visited my careers centre and the placement office they mentioned that they had seen me all over their Twitter feed which was great to hear. Even walking around campus and going to places like the library, I was recognized as the ‘Microsoft Girl’.

Trying to reach out to a large number of students before an event is no easy task, especially if you are targeting departments that you know nobody in and there are a lot of students who surprisingly do not use social media. The biggest help to me was definitely the university staff, in particular the administrative staff for the Computer Science, Design and Business School. They always forwarded on the emails I sent regarding the event and allocated me times to do lecture shout outs which I was really grateful for.

On the day of the event, I asked for another email to be sent to students in the morning, had the Careers Centre and Business School tweet about the event, and visited busy student locations like the student union and library to persuade students to come. Even with all this in place, you never know if people will turn up or not , which isquite nerve wracking. When I arrived, I was thrilled to see so many students gathering around the Garage, talking to the interns, playing the Xbox. When I spoke tothe Microsoft interns and staff, they said it had been getting busier throughout the day which was great to hear. Overall the event was a success, and with this in mind, I’ve listed a few hints and tips below to give guidance in promoting an event on campus:

  • Establish relationships with key university departments and your university careers and employability centre straight away as they can more easily target a larger amount of students than yourene1
  • Add the departments you’re targeting on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Also add relevant societies. This is so you can post videos, links to the careers pages/blog, and details for upcoming events/deadlines
  • Create a Facebook event and share in all the department groups
  • When tweeting, be sure to @ your university careers and a range of other departments and societies because they are bound to have way more followers than you. When they retweet you, hundreds of students will see this, other than your friends that follow you
  • If you plan to ask your student union radio station to promote the event, ask in advance because they have a number of guidelines to follow before they can say yes
  • Be interactive! Don’t be afraid to go up to groups of students and tell them about the event.


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