Role Insight: Cloud OS Marketing Manager - by Zoe Magee

Hey there!Zoe Magee 3

I am Zoe, the Cloud OS Marketing Manager for the Server & Tools Business Group. The title is slightly deceiving as I am only an intern, but here at Microsoft interns are treated like full-time employees. And I have to say with the amount of responsibility I am given I do feel like a manager sometimes!

My role is focused on B2B marketing. I work closely with and support the different PMMs (product marketing managers – if you are joining Microsoft be ready to learn some acronyms!) in the Server & Tools Business Group (who are all awesome!). Many companies, in fact the majority of them, run their businesses on our cloud technologies – what I do is market these technologies and tools to businesses, mostly with a go-to-market strategy.

I have been in Manchester, Cardiff and London within four days this past week, and I’m in Edinburgh and Southampton next week – so if you like travelling this role is perfect. I am responsible for organising various workshops around the UK where we carry out presentations to our existing and potential customers. I am solely responsible for the logistics for all of these workshops, from booking venues to organising speakers, so for anyone interested in events management you get a lot of experience in this area too. Zoe Magee 4Demand generation for these workshops is also my responsibility which means I get to work with various stakeholders across the business to promote these workshops using our available channels.

I also lead the Server & Tools customer evidence campaign. This involves working closely with our customer evidence agency and the PR team. By the end of the year I will have produced a Customer Evidence booklet containing various customer stories in which customers explain why they chose Microsoft and the benefits they are experiencing.

I could go on and on about the various responsibilities I have but to summarize my role in a nutshell; it is a very busy, operational role with lots of responsibility. My main advice for this role for anyone interested would be; be prepared to multitask, and organisation is key! Do not be afraid to ask questions. My team, in fact everyone at Microsoft, are very helpful – so if you are unsure of anything or want to explore another area of the business you can.

Zoe Magee 1I know it’s insanely cheesy and you will hear this a lot if you are lucky to secure a placement here, but what makes you will make Microsoft. Microsoft wants you to make an impact and you can; the responsibilities and opportunities that have been presented to me have been amazing. This has been the most incredible experience and I hope it will be for you too.

Good luck!

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