Role Insight: Service Management Consultant – by Natalie Collins

Hello there :)

Natalie Collins 1My name is Natalie and I’m an intern in the Premier Support and Services business based in Thames Valley Park, Reading. I work as a Service Management Consultant, in a team that supports our customers to improve the health and operations of their IT by finding the underlying causes for failure and providing best practice of preventing these in the future. My manager gives me a lot of responsibility, so I help with the operational running of the team (helping my manager with the resourcing challenges we face, creating and updating the pre-sales materials we have) and also get to travel around the UK to customer sites, assisting my colleagues in their 3 day consulting engagements. My role is mainly project based and no two days are the same which works wonders for me as I love a diverse working environment!

I started my journey coming from sunny Bournemouth University, studying Business Studies with a pathway of Operations and Project Management. I can remember thinking I was crazy to even apply for Microsoft, let alone get to an assessment centre, so I’m incredibly grateful to be sat here. My journey to this role was a bit of an odd one – I had no idea what I wanted to do. I like working with people so a natural thought of mine was to apply for HR. Once I had got through the telephone interview stage, it was a gruelling wait for an assessment centre. I remember getting the call, it was a Monday… I was in my dressing gown scrambling eggs… and I was asked to attend an assessment centre on the Wednesday, for a completely different role – one I knew nothing about! It has worked so perfectly for me though; I still get to work with people because I get to work with customers and my colleagues as well, of course – which suits me much better! So one bit of advice there is not to panic, the people recruiting are incredibly intelligent and know you better than you do in most cases, so bring your passion and enthusiasm and just go with it :)

Natalie Collins 2Some key highlights of my job so far include travelling around the UK, and my favourite place has to be when I stayed in London just on the Thames. We had to get a boat into Canary Wharf everyday which was pretty cool – I also got to pretend that I could afford that kind of lifestyle! Another highlight is the people that work here – we love to work hard but we also love to have fun too! So I didn’t expect to be dressing up in fancy dress with 200 other employees (including Management!) when I started.

As I mentioned earlier I work on various projects and some of these include improving the general operations of the Service Management Consulting business and creating their IP for them. One of the things I really love about my job is the ability to add value but also improve myself at the same time. It’s a brilliant place if you work well with autonomy and empowerment to run your own diary. I’ve also worked on some stretch projects too, one of them being the marketing for an internal tool called Clued Up! This project gives me a bit more experience in something I wouldn’t normally get sight of and gives me the opportunity to talk to people I wouldn’t normally get to.

It’s only been five months but I’ve been learning the whole time and it’s an incredible experience. Not only have I learned about the business but I’ve learned a lot about how I work, what I like and dislike but most importantly growing in confidence over the months. Natalie Collins 3In my earlier months I struggled to speak up and branch out in most situations, but with the help of managers, mentors and colleagues I’ve gradually learned to come out of my shell a bit more and be more confident in my opinions and abilities. I’ve learned it’s really important not to devalue yourself as an intern, as your ideas and thoughts are just as important as others and you need to be confident in your abilities in order for others to see it. Obviously, you have to be realistic and understand you won’t be able to run the company but you CAN make an impact, which is an awesome opportunity to have!

Best of luck :)

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