Intern Insight - User Experience & Visual Design

Becky Bayliss

Role: User Experience Intern

University: Northumbria University – Design for Industry

Becky Bayliss Hello! I’m Becky, a UX Design Intern in Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). I have just finished my third year at Northumbria University studying Design for Industry – a four year sandwich course.

My Role

What do UX Designers do? At MCS, we work on the look and feel of apps for phone and desktop. From thinking about who uses the app, the journey these users take within the app and scenarios in which the app could be used. We then design what the app looks like and write the front end code (XAML).

Favourite Aspects of My Role

My favourite part of the role is interacting with customers and finding out their story, and then working with them to improve on it. Surprisingly, the outcome can be a simple change that makes a big impact. An example of this is completing a form in an app instead of writing it and then having to type it out – this takes a step out of the user journey, making the process quicker and easier for the customer.

What I have Learnt

Before starting my Internship I could not code! And if you told me then that I could code an app now I would not believe you. Everyone around me in MCS gave great advice and put up with my constant questions. Everyone wants you to do well, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. We use Yammer for our online community. It’s a great place to post questions and find answers.


Since starting at Microsoft I have had loads of great opportunities, there are events throughout the year which interns have a chance to get involved in. You get to work at events and do things outside your day job. Also keep an eye out for the 101 teams and personal development program.

Application Advice

My advice for applying is be yourself, we will be looking for someone who will work well with the rest of the team and grow in the role – you don’t need to know everything already. Good luck!

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