RUSSELL-HARVEY FERNANDEZ, Financial Analyst Intern

russell2Hello everyone, my name is Russell and I am the Financial Analyst intern for the UK Sales, Marketing and Services Group. 6 months into my role at Microsoft, I’ve definitely come a long way with developing skills, applying myself in my role and exploring the many opportunities and resources on offer. I’ve honestly enjoyed my time so far and always look forward to more challenges and experiences ahead!

Behind my role, I work with the core Finance team that overlook and manage the UK subsidiary segments operating expenditure whilst being an integral part of managing the headcount aspect. The latter was an additional opportunity given to me a few months into my role – a challenging responsibility but one with many great rewards.

I study Financial Economics at the University of Kent. As the nature of my degree suggests, exploring the world of Finance was a natural curiosity and a potential career path. The reason for choosing Microsoft? Well, I really love my technology and what better place to do it than at Microsoft!

As someone starting at Microsoft, it can be an overwhelming moment. Since passing the doors for my assessment centre, not knowing what to expect, I was amazed by the scale, the culture and work environment. Simply put, it’s a great place to work.

Microsoft is really what you make of it and there are tonnes of things to get involved with, in and outside your role. There are also stretch projects to take you out of your comfort zone and continue to develop whilst intern and charity projects allow for wider team collaborations.

A year seems like a long time but like everyone has said, it goes faster than you know it! I’ve certainly explored deep within my role, got involved with intern and charity projects and taken exams for industry credited qualifications such as the Microsoft Office Master. It’s motivated me to be proactive around my work like leasing out books from the library, taking training courses online and networking with others around the business for better insights.

If you’re thinking of applying to Microsoft, I strongly recommend it. The experience, the responsibilities that are entrusted to you and the overall rewards are invaluable. I will always be grateful for what Microsoft has taught and provided me and will no doubt make the most of the time I have left.

Some humble words of wisdom – be yourself. Be who you are and seize the opportunity to showcase yourself and embrace the challenge. Enjoy and make the most of what Microsoft has to offer because a year will go fast. And finally, think about what you want to take from the year and make it happen – start your journey at Microsoft!

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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