SmArticles February - Single-function devices are so last decade

Here at BeYourFuture, we like to keep things interesting with our other Interns/Apprentices/Graduates on the UK Schemes.

So... we began our monthly SmArticle competitions! You may have seen our last winner, Zach, who landed himself his very on Microsoft Band after opening our eyes to how it's more than just a wearable tracker, but a device to help us #DoGreatThings and achieve more!

Well now, we can proudly present our winner for February's competition looking pretty darn chuffed with his prize, a Limited Edition "Sunset Overdrive" Xbox One Console bundle...

Daniel Edwards!

Below is Daniel's winning article, brilliantly written about how Xbox isn't just the greatest games console on the market.... but so much more!

Single-function devices are so last decade...

Gone are the days where mobile phones were used solely for making calls. Where TV’s weren’t smart and printers could only print in two dimensions. In today's world we demand flexibility. Technology adapting to our needs and schedules is not just a luxury, it's an expectation.

So then why should we lower our standards when it comes to games consoles? Why should we settle for a console which only allows us to game?

The answer, we shouldn't.

Xbox One offers an unparalleled gaming experience with an exceptional games line-up, but it doesn’t stop there. Xbox One empowers users to do more every day – right from the comfort of their living rooms.

Want to learn a new language? Rosetta Stone has you covered.
Monday blues got you down? Get inspired by TED Talks.
Need a new skill? Enrol on a course with Khan Academy.
Want to show off those holiday selfies? Check them out in OneDrive.

This is just a small selection of the apps already available on Xbox One, and there’s so much more to come. Miracast (currently available via the preview program) will turn your Xbox One into a wireless display for other devices. While Windows 10 on Xbox One makes it possible for developers to create innovative new cross-platform experiences which keep you connected.

Still need convincing?

Then let’s talk Kinect. This device began life as a new way to interact with games, but thanks to a passionate developer community it became more than anyone could’ve imagined. These days the Kinect is used to perform vital tasks such as diagnosing multiple sclerosis and medical imaging - as well as less vital tasks such as guiding ironing robots to create the perfect crease-free shirt. Not bad for a device which costs £130 and fits in front your TV!

So next time you see an Xbox One don’t just see a gaming console. See a highly personalised and powerful tool waiting for you to unleash it’s potential. Join the 21st Century.

Do more with Xbox One.

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