SmArticles follow up - Microsoft Band

Dear Readers,

You may remember from a few weeks ago, the first of our SmArticles series of Articles went live! This is an internal competition that the BeYourFuture team has introduced this year. This gives Apprentices, Interns and Graduates in Microsoft UK the chance to showcase their writing talents, and educate us all in how best to use the latest Microsoft Devices, and how they can enable us all to achieve more and #DoGreatThings.

Today, our first SmArticle winner Zach, reflects back on his time with his very own Microsoft Band, after winning the device with his own SmArticle from earlier this year.

So two months ago I claimed that the Microsoft band can help you up your energy and increase your time...

Now after trying one out for myself every day for the last couple of months, how did the band measure up against these claims?

Well, in short – incredibly well.

My primary use of the Microsoft band has been as a fitness tracker. I’ve been loading up guided workouts onto the handy tile and, as a result, my gym sessions have been far more efficient (and fun!). And when I don’t have a guided workout, having a stopwatch, calorie count and heart rate monitor on my wrist has no doubt improved my time in the gym.

My gym sessions have been far more efficient (and fun!)

That’s all well in good, but my claim was that the band can give you time back in your day – and it’s done this too. I’ve been able to keep track of messages, emails and calls – all at the glance of a wrist. Now this isn’t rocket science but having the ability to keep on top of all my communications on one handy device has enabled me to streamline my day to day working life. Without the worry of missing anything I can stay mobile and am safe in the knowledge that I will get a nudge from my band when I need one.

I’ve been able to keep track of messages, emails and calls – all at the glance of a wrist.

So there we go, the Microsoft Band has integrated into my day to day working life seamlessly and with new apps being added regularly it can only get better!

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