SmArticles - March

Dear readers,

In the latest of our internal SmArticles competitions, we have this fantastic submission from one of our interns. Zakia has provided us with this brilliant insight into how the impressive Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can enable us as students and young professionals to achieve more and #DoGreatThings.

So without further adieu, here it is!

Creativity on the go

We've all experienced a 'bright idea' once in a while, but desperately scrabbling for the scrunched up paper at the bottom of your bag isn’t always ideal.

So if ideas are like gold dust, why do we settle for just a scrunched up piece of paper?

As a young starry eyed games artist trying to pave her way through the digital realm to fight dragons, deadlines and drab train rides home, I often find myself getting lost in fantastical dream worlds. Grand ideas which I want to express both quickly and intuitively without the cost of lugging around art equipment let alone a laptop and phone.

While laptops can often be inconvenient to travel with, traditional tablets seem to simply lack the power to run more labour intensive software. But what if we could have the best of both worlds?

Luckily we can! Let me introduce…

Whether it be jotting down quick brain waves, capturing memorable moments, working on the go or even digital painting on the train, the Surface's elegant design merges the convenience and portability of tablets, with the functionality and power of laptops.

Who can ask for more?

Take for example...'re on holiday when inspiration strikes. You want to share and enjoy the moment while capturing the essence of your experience for a future project. Why not take photos or Skype call friends using the built in camera and microphone, then jot down ideas with One Note. As the day comes to a close, kick back the built in stand, put on Spotify and sketch… or even better, email your creations ready for you to work on when you get back. Be more creative on the move!

But this only 'scratches the surface'...

For the more 'hard core' users, the crisp colourful display, smooth touch screen, i5 processor and good battery life means that it can run more professional applications such as Photoshop while still being light enough to carry around compared to more heavier and expensive alternatives. Sounds good ay?

So let your imagination run wild! Write novels, create paintings, finish those books…the possibilities are endless!

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