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Internally, the BeYourFuture team has recently introduced monthly competitions, whereby Interns, Graduates and Apprentices can enter an article in for a chance to win some of Microsoft's fantastic devices!

This month, one of our Xbox EMEA Interns Zach, wrote a winning article on just how the Microsoft Band enables us as students, to #DoGreatThings and #AchieveMore. It's a really great read!

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” (Anthony Robbins)

Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, we all know it’s just not that easy. We use various devices for numerous functions and view them multiple times. All the while, using two of life’s greatest assets: time and energy. How many instances in your work or education have you wished you had more time? How often have you felt you didn’t have the energy to complete your work?

Well, the bad news is: there’s no quick fix. But the good news is: The Microsoft Band can help. The Microsoft band is for people who want to live healthier and achieve more. I believe the two are intrinsically linked. The Microsoft Band can monitor your sleep, providing valuable insights and encouraging regular patters, in turn giving you the fundamental energy levels for an efficient working life. In addition, partner apps such as “RunKeeper” and “Strava”, along with guided workouts (all new for Band 2!), enable you to keep up your physical fitness in a way suited for you.

The Microsoft Band helps to provide you with a quick point of reference for all the main functions in your working day. You can check emails on the go, never miss a meeting and even catch that text from your friend who’s picking up the coffees. It’s not all work, your social media notifications will also pop up on your band! All at the glance of a wrist. But how does that help you? Answer: time. Now I’m not suggesting you go to the gym while hosting conference call and flicking through your Spotify playlist. But the ability to consolidate these functions into one glance will put valuable minutes back in our day.

So, whether you’re studying or in the workplace, the Microsoft band can help you up your energy and increase your time. I can’t promise it will be easy, but, The Microsoft Band will help you live healthier and achieve more.

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