SoMe Awards: Congratulations to Microsoft, and many thanks to you!

SoMeOn the 23rd January 2014, Microsoft was invited to the 2013-14 Social Media (SoMe) Graduate Recruitment Awards. Sponsored by Milkround, the event aimed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of a whole host of companies in their efforts to increase graduate recruitment through Social Media channels.

In total there were 17 awards given out by the judges, who came from a range of different business backgrounds. The nominees were selected on the back of a student survey that was completed in November of last year, in which over 4,000 questionnaires were completed. Having taken almost 50% of the total category votes, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Microsoft were presented with the award for the best use of IT in Graduate Recruitment.

“A landslide win for Microsoft who took almost 50% of all the votes. Well done Microsoft!” – SoMe

Much of Microsoft’s work in graduate recruitment is driven by the Be Your Future blog team themselves, so a massive congratulations to everyone on the team (Steven Mullaghan, project lead, Gemma Downing, marketing lead, myself and Olly Heron, content leads, and Chien Yee Lim, technical lead). Chien in particular has contributed massively to this year’s blog team, and is responsible for the brand new designthat you see on our site today!

*“We’re very proud to receive this award; it’s fantastic recognition for the hard work the University Staffing and blog team do together! We’ve taken risks and made some big changes to the blog this year, whichseem to have paid off. We’re excited to be introducing even more changes in second half of the year!’’ – Steven Mullaghan, Project Lead. *

BYF Team SoMe AwardThe My Intern Life team have also helped take the blog to new heights this year. Ria Patel, Helena Perevalova, Mona Neuhauss and Olga Gordiienko have been working on some great video contentthis year, with plenty more still to come!

As well as this new content, we’re currently in the midst of our brand new Skype Roulettecampaign. Initiated by project lead Steven Mullaghan, the campaign saw us spend last Monday reaching out to prospective applicants offering first hand advice on all things Microsoft. If you’re stillinterested in getting involved then make sure you sign upto secure your place on Friday’s next round of Skype Roulette!

But before then, we’d like to give one more massive congratulations to all those at Microsoft who have worked so hard on Graduate Recruitment. We here at the blog would alsolike to perosonally thank the University Staffing team, who have been brilliantly supportive throughout the year and without whom none of this work would have been possible.

“This award is great recognition to all those involved in helping showcase our employer brand in the UK graduate space.It’s afantastic testament to everyone involved in our Blog and Facebook pages.” – Lucy Saunders, University Staffing Team

Most importantly though we’d like to thank you – the readers – for visiting the blog, as well as our Facebook page, and voting for us in the first place. We hope you’ve found our content helpful and look forward to offering you further advice in the coming weeks!

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