Steven Mullaghan - Project Lead

Steven introI’m Steven: Music and movie buff, good food junkie and die hard Breaking Bad fan (Viva La Heisenberg).

Here’s a kick-off introduction**to myself, my degree, my Microsoft Role and just what exactly you can expect from me this year as your Be Your Future Project Lead.

I am a 22-year-old Northern Irish marketing studentstudying atNorthumbria University, but most importantly I am a current marketing intern at Microsoft.

A little insight into how I’ve got here – my degree is Marketing Management, a four-year sandwich degree at Northumbria University. My internship this year has not been my first Microsoft encounter. During my 2nd year at University, I was a Microsoft Windows 8 Ambassador – one of many UK campus ambassadors responsible for building awareness and enthusiasm for Windows 8 and Microsoft products on campus, through both product demos and event sponsorship.

Northumbria Annual Student Awards that were sponsored by Windows 8.Northumbria Annual Student Awards that were sponsored by Windows 8.

This experience gave me a little insight into what it could be like to do my internship with one of the best companies in the world, which was undoubtedly the driving force behind my application.

The application process for me was a little smoother than what I had anticipated and experienced with other companies. It’s quite easy for me to say this with previous Microsoft experience, butI really do believe the whole process is just a little less stressful – and I am sure others will back this viewup in their articles.

They have a great Staffing team who will give you loads of help and guidance throughout the process, as well as an awesome intern blog ;) (COUGH PLUG).

When it came to applications, I wasn’t one of the people who applied for 30-40 different roles; I applied for a select few and tried hard in all. Admittedly I did receive a few knock backs early on (a nasty occurrence that most of you will have to bear). Microsoft however, was the one I really wanted. Fortunately for me, I got it :) –focusing on aspecific placement really did help me.

My Role – In brief (as I will fill you in with a role insight article a little later), I am an IT Pro Marketing Assistant within DPE (Developer Platform Evangelism). I am responsible for communicating and engaging with our IT Professional audience (pretty much the guys and girls working tirelessly behind the scenes who make your technology experience so seamless) through various channels such as social media, blogs and events.

Steven xbox one

*Best thing I’ve done this year *– It’s only been two months, but already I have done some amazing things. One in particular was an event I got involved with through my department; a European technical festival ran by Telefonica (O2) called Campus Party Europe, which was tagged ‘Glastonbury for Geeks’. This was a week-long event that Microsoft had sponsored, and as part of that sponsorship we were allowed a stand at the event to showcase our products and offerings – one product in particular being the Xbox One (three months prior to its release).

Mywaspart of team responsible for couriering the Xbox One to and from this event – a level of responsibility I had never dreamed of being given just two months into my year, but one which the company obviously believed I could help with. That’s the great thing about working at Microsoft, you are givenopportunities andresponsibility like this that you would struggle to get anywhere else.

*What I’m most looking forward to – *The Eurogamer Conference (26-29th Sept)

I have volunteered to work at the Eurogamer Expo conference, scheduled from the 26th – 29th of September, which I’m pretty excited about. We have contracts with several of the game developers and studios at the event, one in particular being a ‘Rebellion’. To coincide with this Microsoft have hired a ‘professional zombie company’ that provides zombie makeup/costumes to TV & film, and being a huge ‘The Walking Dead’ fan I jumped at the chance to get zombie’d up! Other interns/volunteers and Iwill be roaming around the event as MS zombies and inother relevant fancy dress armed with both Windows and Microsoft devices to promote our products, applications and games (we’ll keep you posted on how this goes).

It may seem all fun and games, but there is a lot of work involved too, I will fill you in with a role insight a little later.

Speak soon!


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