BENJAMIN DE ST PAER-GOTCH - MACH in Microsoft Consulting Services

My name is Ben; I am a MACH working in MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) which is a division of Microsoft which handles creation of cutting edge applications for companies using our tools and products. I started in September 2011 with 6 other MACHs, in our scheme we go and do different rotations in different parts of MCS to find our best fit. We do 3 of these and at the start of January we will start our roles full time working as consultants as part of a team or individually as different projects come around.

I started off in infrastructure, which involved looking at different server tools and solutions using the system center suite. I had the opportunity to go to customer sites, sit in on meetings and design an environment using our tools which will now be used to demonstrate some of our latest server tools!

After this first rotation I went to the Microsoft Services University, this is where MCS staff are taught how to perform our best practices and be the best at our job, the bonus really being that it’s held at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle! I went over to the USA for a week! It was an amazing time getting to meet people from all over the world including other MACHs from different areas such as France and Brazil.

We were given time in the evenings and at the weekend to explore and bond as a group and we used the time to explore the area and take in local culture. We did loads of things as a group including meals, going to a gun range and going up the Space Needle in the evenings and during the day we learned more about Services at Microsoft and the skills we need. This was done on my Microsoft campus which is amazing on site there’s a myriad of restaurants, sports shops, technology and phone shops, along with the official Microsoft shop which includes a ton of Microsoft branded goodies!

The entire week was amazing and by the end of it I could barely keep my eyes open! We flew back on the Sunday and I was straight into work on the Monday starting my next rotation!

My current rotation is working in the Windows phone team looking at the apps and helping to develop them using the Metro standards, it’s amazing fun and is another great bunch of people to meet!

I know it’s not a huge amount about what I do but I hope it gives you an idea of what it’s like to work in MCS at Microsoft, I can’t express the great time I have had or how great the people I have met have been!

Catch you soon!


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