Intern Role Profile - Business Services

Clive Green

Role: Technical Account Manager – Public Sector – Services Department
Bournemouth University – Business Studies

How did I get here?

I get why you’re reading these blogs and trolling placement websites. It’s a daunting prospect ahead of you. Leaving behind the midday wake up and wearing what you want, when you want. However you’re missing the point. You’re supposed to leave this behind… well some of it. I chose to apply to Microsoft because a previous intern came to a lecture of mine, and gave what I thought was an honest and personal view of what working at Microsoft is. And that is my intention here, and why I’m writing this. I genuinely believe that by working as an intern at Microsoft my life has changed for the better.

My application process was a smooth transition from one stage to the next. Like most, I got rejected just as much as I got accepted to the next stage of an application process for many different companies. However unlike the others, I finished each stage of Microsoft’s application and always thought highly of the company. An application process and its experiences are a reflection of the company itself, and something you should all consider. Another positive when applying to Microsoft is that I had another Bournemouth University student at my assessment centre, applying for the same job, and he was on the same course! Thankfully we both got the job. This is another reason why working at Microsoft is amazing. They see the value of each individual and look past the facts and figures.

My Role

I work as a Public Sector Technical Account Manager (TAM). Meaning I help manage the relationship between customer and Microsoft. Within public sector our customers include: Ministry of Defence, MET police and even universities.As a TAM (Microsoft love three letter acronyms FYI) I work with multiple departments to deliver a unified customer service that the customer wants. My department sits within Services; and that’s just what we sell and do. We have to be forward thinking, influential and manage expectations in a way that is both proactive and reactive. I get to visit customers, help manage accounts and I am encouraged to challenge the norm to deliver to not only the team, but also Microsoft, any improvements I see fit. Microsoft don’t just hire you for a job, they hire your potential with your fresh perspective. So grab that opportunity!

The Extras

Just like me your wondering what are the sweet perks of working at Microsoft and what differentiates it from all other potential placements. Firstly, yes you do get a laptop. A Very sleek and modern one at that. Trust me you’ll begin to use computers at their true potential rather than looking at drunken morning after pictures on Facebook. Some get a windows phone, but not all. Plus there is substantial discount on software and some hardware. Microsoft games are always the talk of the office when it comes to real big discounts.

Take all the materialistic stuff aside for a moment and remembers that this year ahead of you is one that shapes people, not products. I have plenty of opportunity to work in groups on projects that are both managed by full time employee’s (FTE) and other initiatives created by interns. The best way to define the work and personal development here at Microsoft is by a 30/70 rule. 30% of your time is personal development and 70% is specific work focused. However an insider tip is to know that mangers can hire interns for two possible reasons. The first is a personal belief in the intern programme and its potential impact. The second is to hire an intern for a specific job.What most interns fail to notice is that we can do both of these, or just one. More importantly, it’s us as interns who decide our work life balance. Every manager at Microsoft invests in the future, and that begins with us students.

Leaving a lasting impression

Having spoken to many students at careers fairs with the MilkRound 101 team (another great opportunity at Microsoft) my final comments would be to tell a story only you can tell. A part of your life that only you can share. This gives you an identity, and memorable imprint that could improve your chances of getting an internship here. Trust me it works, as I’m here now.

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