The Adventures my role took me on for...

Hey guys,

If you are reading this post that means you are someone looking for an adventure or at least have an interest in it.

Well, let me tell you, Microsoft is the place for you!

I can’t promise you will travel, but I can promise that your days at work will be an adventure! (If you haven't read my previous post about my role, click here)

My name is Iveta and for the past year I have been working as a marketing coordinator in Bing Ads Marketing team, London. When I started the role I had no idea where would it lead me to or what would it involve me doing. Within my role and being a member of different 101 teams I have travelled more than I could have asked for.
I explored cities in South and North of England, travelled to some of the most impressive cities in Scotland, stayed for few days in Dublin and was blessed to travel to the other side of the Atlantic, the headquarters of Microsoft!

Let me show you a little bit of what my year with Microsoft looked like….

I have travelled to cities all around England! I took trains to Portsmouth, Exeter, Brighton, Surrey, Birmingham, Manchester

I visited the land of Scotland … and Edinburgh was my favourite!

As you may have realised probably by now, I am taking you with me on the adventure starting with the cities closest to London and continuing with those further away…

My next trip required taking a plane and I would have never imagined that I will visit Ireland anytime soon! Dublin reminded me of the capital of my home country, Lithuania, and it became definitely a destination I won’t think twice before visiting! :)

Even though I must warn you, be ready for some wind down there! My umbrella didn’t survive through the strong winds of Dublin…

And you always leave best for the last, right?

Before I headed for my Christmas holiday, I found out that I will be flying out to the other side of Atlantic just in few months! You can image what a difference it made for the holiday season I had! In February I took a 9-hour flight and there I was, in Seattle, Washington state. I had the opportunity to meet our leaders of our team, network with people working in different countries, stand together with our team when representing European team and explore the surroundings!

Having the opportunity to visit Microsoft headquarter offices in Bellevue has done nothing less but inspired me even more to work hard and never stop believing. Few years ago, I would have never imagined that I will be working with such an amazing team in such a well-known company.

So no matter your background, if you work hard and believe in what you do, great things are coming for you!

If I said you will have all the same, I would lie, because I don’t think there is a year that is the same as the previous one in Microsoft.

It only gets better and better, so if you become part of the big Microsoft team, you will be set for even greater experiences.

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