The Big Application Questions - Answered

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago we decided to open our social channels for a chance to hear your questions and queries, and hopefully give you more of an insight into what Microsoft can offer you as a student. The questions we received were great - and closely reflected the questions that we would have asked if we'd had the chance!

The questions covered a range of topics, which included advice for all of you - whichever steps you may join Microsoft at.

What are 101 teams?

What opportunities are available at Microsoft which make it valuable to a placement student?

What are the Reading offices like?

And many more!

We at BYF took your questions and have put them into a video with the honest, insightful answers that we think would best advice you all when looking at embarking on an Apprenticeship, Internship or even Graduate scheme.

Check out the video below to see The Big Application Questions - Answered


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