The Importance of ‘Networking’

It has now been 9 months since we started our Internships at Microsoft, our replacements have been lined up and we are all beginning to think of life after Microsoft.
However despite this, we have all gained considerable knowledge and expertise about how to have an impact in Microsoft. As a result Be Your Future would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a new series of posts, focussing on how interns can be successful and have a real business impact at Microsoft.

BYFOne of the main challenges all new interns face is dealing with the huge responsibility that comes with starting a new job and taking on all different kinds of tasks. At the time, this was very daunting, as our actions canhave a direct influence on how stakeholders view Microsoft.

Be Inquisitive

In order to overcome this, one thing that I quickly learnt was to be a lot more inquisitive. I personally found that by asking people questions I was able to improve my understanding of specific areas but more importantly, my knowledge of the business. This resultantly allowed me to build connections, which I then often utilized for further projects and tasks.

How a Large Intern Community Can Help

The Intern community is great for this, with over 120 interns in all a similar situation to you, everyone is willing to help and offer advice.

I guess this could be called ‘networking’, but that word makes it sound a lot more formal and serious than it needs to be, in reality it’s just a casual informal chat over a coffee where you get to ask some questions and learn more about what you both do.

Why Networking is so Essential

I found that by meeting people and learning more about what they do, it’s amazing how willing people are to help you, or if they can’t help, they often put you in contact with someone who can. Whilst I’m no ‘networkingguru’, the ability to make conversation, inquire and show an interest in people is something that shouldn’t be underestimated and is something that is essential to having an impact at Microsoft.

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